Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Nick’s Taco Soup!

Cinco de Mayo is an occasion to celebrate Mexican food and culture! So if you’re craving tacos and margaritas, May 5th is a perfect day to indulge. TSC host, Nick Vescio recently had some fun in the kitchen making a healthy Taco Soup. The five easy step recipe is perfect to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. …


TSC ShopTalk: Easy Pay® – The Three Ways

Easy Pay® is a safe, automated installation-billing offer that allows you to split the total value of a purchase into interest-free monthly payments. On the day your item ships, you can expect your first payment to be billed to your credit card; your remaining payments will be charged every 30 days thereafter to the same …

Birthstone of the Month - April - Diamond

Birthstone of the Month: April Diamond

April’s birthstone is the diamond. Those born during this month are associated with perhaps the most sought after gemstone of all – the diamond. Perhaps because they have almost indestructible properties (diamonds are about 58 times harder than anything else in nature), they gained a reputation over generations for providing greater inner strength to those …

Birthstone of the Month - Aquamarine

Birthstone of the Month: March Aquamarine

March’s birthstone is aquamarine! This is a month associated with the arrival of spring, which often brings rain with it. So it’s fitting that the aquamarine’s namesake is based in water and the sea. However, the stone is also about the tranquility evoked by the sea. Thanks to its commonly light blue-green colour. Because of …

Print Party Spring Fashion Trend
Fashion, Spring Fashion

Runway to Your Everyday: Print Party

What is the Print Party trend? Like proud butterflies emerging from our winter cocoons, spring inspires us all to spread our fashionable wings and take flight. ‘Tis the season to be colourful, expressive, and ultimately artful.   While a plethora of floral prints will be carrying over from the winter months, animal prints promise to be …

Fruit Infusion Spring Fashion Trend
Fashion, Spring Fashion

Runway to Your Everyday: Fruit Infusion

What is the Fruit Infusion trend? I know—we all love black, but this new season deserves a special salute, don’t you think? For those with an appetite for colour, Spring 2019 offers a virtual fruit salad of yummy shades. Oh the colours The sunny, citrus hues, shades of melon, and hits of avocado and lime …

Spring Fashion Craft Fair Trend
Fashion, Spring Fashion

Runway to Your Everyday: Craft Fair

What is the Craft Fair trend? Call it a return to innocence or merely a craving for old-fashioned craftsmanship, but we’re all going to be romancing garments and accessories with an artisanal feel for spring.  So what’s cropping up everywhere? There certainly is a welcome relief from so much of the high tech modernity we’re …

Utilitarian Spring Fashion Trend
Fashion, Spring Fashion

Runway to Your Everyday: Utilitarian

What is the Utilitarian trend? In this busy day and age of multi-tasking, our desire to get the job done efficiently and comfortably usually ranks pretty high on everyone’s “to do” list.  This spring’s militaristic and safari-inspired looks will ensure you’re style ready for both brave combat and bold adventure.   Neutral and earthy colours Times are …

Health & Fitness

3 Tips for Chronic Pain Management

Pain can drastically affect quality of life. Mobility, stamina and appetite can all be affected. This can impact the ability to do the things we love—or worse, the daily things we need to do such as walking, preparing meals and performing household chores. Sometimes pain is caused by an injury, but in many cases aches …