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Hello Gorgeous Celebrates 1 Year!

At TSC – Today’s Shopping Choice, we have our award-winning beauty show Hello Gorgeous—where you can find the latest treasures in cosmetics, skin care, hair care, bath and body products, beauty tools and more. Hello Gorgeous recently celebrated its first birthday in May! We caught up with our very own beauty guru and show host Carrie Olver to chat about all things gorgeous and about her journey in discovering the latest beauty innovations from around the globe. Here’s what she had to say!


What was your first beauty item?

My first beauty item I remember as a young girl was Bonne Bell Lip Smackers (I’m really dating myself). It was the first time that I could use any sort of colour, so I thought I was “all that” (laughs). The best part is that it tasted delicious! Strawberry tasted the best and had the most colour, so I guess you could say that was my introduction to red lipstick.

What are some of the beauty tips you’ve learned from beauty experts on the show?

I only ever used black eyeliner, so when a guest taught me not to be afraid of what purple and navy can do for green eyes, I never looked back! Another tip was the importance of using the right brush to apply foundation or colour-correcting cream to ensure flawless blending and an airbrushed finish. I also learned that skin can rebel and stop responding to products over time, so it’s best to rotate three different skin-care lines throughout the year to help ensure the skin keeps its glow. It doesn’t always have to be something new, just something the skin hasn’t been exposed to in a few months.

Do you have a beauty routine?

My routine now is to try everything! I love exploring all the new products from week to week. That being said, I never forget to wash my face before bed (as boring as that may sound) and I use both a serum and a night cream before getting some rest. I also always use CoQ10, known endearingly as the beauty vitamin.

What do you love about working with beauty products?

There is always something to learn and the technology is only getting better. The more products I discover, the more I understand that nothing can beat the power of inner beauty.

What’s your favourite part about working on Hello Gorgeous?

My favourite part of hosting the show is to be immersed in what’s happening in the industry today—finding out what’s new, what works, what doesn’t, plus meeting the extraordinarily passionate people behind the science and technology of beauty. Most of all, it just feels like I’m chatting with my girlfriends every Tuesday night, and it never feels like work! Funny, I also get calls from my girlfriends who watch and want to try new products all the time.

What are your go-to beauty shades of the season?

I’m loving natural colour palettes without glitter but with lots of shimmer, and of course the full spectrum of bronze products ranging from natural russets to chocolatey chestnuts.

What does every cosmetics bag need?

No cosmetics bag should ever be without a bronzer! It’s the most versatile piece you’ll ever own. It can serve as foundation, cheek colour, eye shadow, highlighter and contour, and depending on the formula and ingredients, some can even be used as a lip colour. I also like to dust it on my arms, chest and body in the summer.

If you were stuck on a desert island, what would you bring?

Primers have changed my makeup look the most. When worn under my makeup I look better, and my makeup lasts longer. I also wear it on its own to help me achieve a polished and natural look.

Hello Gorgeous recently received a TSC Shoppie Award for Favourite Destination Program. Tune in every Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. (EST) to see Carrie explore fabulous new beauty finds from around the world, as well as tried-and-true Canadian brands you’ll love sharing with your friends! Also, check out our large assortment of beauty products, with all the brands you know and love!


  1. Cindy Kaplan says:

    Love Carrie and Hello Gorgeous segment, I have discovered some great products due to this show and the ability to try the products first is amazing. Thank you TSC!

  2. Yvonne Jensen says:

    I truly love watching Carrie and “Hello Gorgeous”. It’s like a relaxing, enjoyable and fun hour with girlfriends! The products are terrific and the easy pay options are perfect. I have also learned a thing or two about makeup and skincare from watching this segment. Thank you TSC!

  3. BlingyHippie says:

    I always look forward to Hello Gorgeous and Carrie. Lots of great products and awesomene advice.

  4. Laura L Gualdieri says:

    I luv her shes bright and entertaining and always has great advise but most of all shes honest about the products she reviews ty tsc for having someone like her

  5. Joy Elliott says:

    You bring in alot of one hour shows which are great but can you bring in Isomers skin care also ?

  6. Billie-Jo Martin says:

    Where did the show host get her gorgeous black and white (polka dot?) dress? I love it!!
    I saw her wearing it when selling Taya Beauty Coco Water
    Thanks!! ❤️

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