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10 Supermarket Secrets Exposed!

As supermarket-savvy sisters, we’re spilling the beans on everything you need to know about being a smart supermarket shopper (say that three times fast).

  1. The handles of shopping carts (think: chicken juice, baby drool, to say nothing of viruses) have more germs and are dirtier than public toilets. Give a swipe with sanitizing wipes.
  2. Misting water on produce doesn’t keep fruits and vegetables fresher longer…in fact, they rot faster. As well, while the water makes the produce look sparkly, it also adds weight – shake off those leafy greens before checking out.
  3. You aren’t shrinking – grocery carts are getting larger. Studies show that people buy 40% more when shopping with a large cart. You don’t need to fill your cart (or try shopping with a hand basket).
  4. Ditch items early – 60% of shoppers off-load products at checkout and as a result, supermarkets are making checkout lanes narrower with less shelf space.
  5. Buy your seafood frozen. At the seafood counter, the “previously frozen” products are same as in freezer aisle, just marked up by about 40%.  Another bonus of thawing it yourself – it’ll be fresher.
  6. Look high and low – eye level products are usually the most expensive. As well, products for kids are usually placed at kid’s eye level.
  7. Bulk up – buying from the bulk bins is less expensive and they’re also replenished more often.
  8. You pay for convenience – those cut up carrots, lettuce and shredded cheese will be a lot more expensive than the whole items. For example, a 6-ounce bag of shredded carrots for $1.50, is almost 5 times as much on a unit-cost basis, as a bag of whole carrots.
  9. Grocery stores have some subtle ways to get you forget how long you’ve been there and lull you into slowing down – like casinos, few have windows or clocks, and almost all play music with a beat lower than the average heart rate. Wear headphones and listen to upbeat music while you shop.
  10.  Hate crowds? Only 4% of shoppers hit the aisles after 9pm. What’s the least crowded day of the week? Wednesday.

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