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5 Makeup Tips for Gals with Glasses

June 6 is National Eyewear Day! Take the day off and make quite the spectacle of yourself. These makeup tips are bound to help you have a glam-tastic day. We raise our glasses on this here day! Cheers to you, all our frame-friends from coast-coast.

1. Set it and Forget it

Be sure to use a setting powder around the areas where nose pads and parts of the frame touch your face. Use a clean, dry beauty sponge to press a bit of makeup powder on your nose pads to help your makeup stay in place with minimal touch-ups required throughout the day.

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2. Keep it Light and Bright

Keep the area under your eyes bright. Using one shade brighter than your foundation colour will work for most skin tones. A concealer applied with a brush will help to provide a natural airbrushed appearance, however if dark circles are a concern you may need to colour correct. Use the residual product on your brush to even out the skin tone on the eyelids and brow bone for a cohesive, brighter look.

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3. Play with Colour

Consider the colour of your glasses when picking a lip or eye colour. Keep in mind colours that are opposite on the artists’ colour wheel may be too dramatic when paired together. If you’ve got red frames in a flattering colour then red can easily be your signature lip look, but if you have cool blue frames you may want to re-consider a coral eyeshadow. You may want to opt for a shade that plays up your natural eye colour if you’re going for a subdued look.

4. Show Your Passion for Fashion

Coordinating your blush tone, eyeliner shade or lip colour with your outfit of the day can draw the attention away from your glasses if that’s what you want to go for. Your entire look will become a focal point and you’ll relay an edgy vibe to all who lay eyes upon you.

5. Try a Half-Liner Style

It’s hard to deviate from conventional beauty rules, but the truth is your eyeliner doesn’t have to start at the inner corner and finish at the outer edge. You can do a tight line (a technique that places colour as close to the lash line as possible) starting from the pupil to the outer corner; a well-sharpened eyeliner pencil can help you achieve this look. You can also use a matte eyeshadow and an angled eyeliner brush to create a softer, more diffused eyeliner alternative.

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