5 Products You Need to Buy on Auto Delivery

1. Bar Soap

Once you lather up to the luxury of a goat’s milk bar soap, you’ll want to keep these handy bars in every room with a faucet around the house. And on the off-chance you find yourself with extras, these bars make for fantastic girlfriend gifts, or they can relay a warm, fuzzy sentiment of mi casa es su casa when left out on a bed for spontaneous overnight guests.

• We recommend: Beekman 1802 Bar Soap 4-Pack Assorted – 60-Day Auto Delivery

2. Mascara:

Mascara has an average lifespan of approximately three months, so you’ll want a 90-day shipment to arrive as a prompt to toss out your old set. If you keep a cosmetic bag separately from your home products, multiple units will ensure you have a replacement whenever you need one. Also keep in mind if you fall ill and you’ve used your makeup, it’s important to be diligent about replacing items, especially those used on and around the eyes and lips.

• We recommend:  IT Cosmetics Tightline 3-in-1 Black Primer-Eyeliner-Mascara Trio – 90-Day Auto Delivery

3. Hand Cream:

It’s said in the beauty industry that our hands are a true gauge of age, so it’s important to give them the same amount of TLC as the rest of our pampered body parts. Since frequent handwashing can strip the hands of moisture, you’ll need an army of hand creams in your beauty arsenal, and you’ll need to use them often. When you’re scrambling for that purposeful treat for a forgotten birthday, any extra hand creams you have in the house can also be a perfect companion for a gift card. Pretty hand-y!

• We recommend: Kalaya Hand Cream Duo – 90-Day Auto Delivery

4. Vitamins:

Simply put, committing to placing your vitamins on an auto delivery plan is remarkable and responsible adulting. Pat yourself on the back for coordinating your vitamins without a reminder from mom.

• We recommend: Suku The Complete Adult Multi Gummies (60-Day Supply) – 60-Day Auto Delivery

5. Protein Powder:

If you’re a protein smoothie fan, you likely have a preferred source of protein and smoothies are a part of your weekly routine. Get the scoop on both our vegan and whey formulas that are available on auto-delivery, so you can ensure your day runs smoothly.

• We recommend: VitaTree Vegan Protein Powder (Chocolate) – 60-Day Auto Delivery

Shop these items and see our full assortment of auto delivery products today!

What else you need to know about Auto Delivery Plans:

• Your credit card will be billed each time an auto delivery shipment leaves our warehouse

• You can pause your shipments for up to three months

• You can cancel your auto delivery plan at anytime

• Some products qualify for Easy Pay® payments

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