A Walk on The Natural Side with Midnight Paloma

Welcome to the world of au naturel— Tayler’s world! A place where hero ingredients live and healthy living is an essential part of life. After realizing how many chemicals were in other beauty brands, Tayler Rogers set out to build her company around the concept of clean beauty and to design products that were chemical and cruelty-free— thus midnight Paloma was born in Vancouver, Canada, no less! For Midnight Paloma, everything is fresh, ethically sourced, and made by hand! Yes, you read that correctly made by hand and in small batches to ensure that you’re getting nothing but the best!

Look, it’s a bird, it’s plane… no, it’s Midnight Paloma!

Let this beauty brand sweep you off your feet and save the day with these fresh and feisty hero ingredients. An essential attribute of this brand’s growing success is its all-natural ingredients and multiuse of their products. When you look at the label, the list is simple: charcoal, chamomile, hempseed oil, coconut butter, oatmeal, rolled oats, kaolin clay, and rose petals, to name just a few. Depending on the product and your needs, Midnight Paloma is here for you. This brand is also perfect for the gal on the go, imagine not only using your mask to purify but to treat a spot, the multifunctional use of these products is limitless.

All for one and one for all…

As a part of being multifunctional, Midnight Paloma’s detox mask works on an array of skin types, it all just depends on what you add to it! Finding a facial mask that best suits your skin is always hard to find, and no one ever fits all. Different seasons require different attention to detail, especially with Canadian weather. From cold to humid, many of us scour the aisles looking to tame our skin’s desires, which can often get slightly annoying. With Midnight Paloma, that isn’t the case! Simply acquire the one packet and mix in water, to purify, honey, to moisturize, or yoghurt, to tame oily skin. No matter your skin issue of the day, this little detox mask can help you look your best, bring a packet anywhere and share the goodness with a friend.

Treat yourself!

With all the stress in the world, big or small, sometimes all you need is a warm bath to make you feel like you’re being pampered at the spa. Midnight Paloma offers a variety of soul-soothing products that can take you there and back for a feeling that leaves you refreshed and Zhen. Take a moment, breathe and love thy self in an all-natural and luxurious way with Midnight Paloma.

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