Roll Call: Rose Quartz Rollers are a Must-Have Beauty Tool

TSC fashionistas sure know a thing or two about the allure of high-quality gemstones. So when we heard crystals were making a comeback as must-have wellness devices, we were all for it! Rose quartz rollers are revered for instant results thanks to manual skin stimulation, and they are highly recommended for their energetic benefits as well. As we rev up for the worst of winter while sailing through flu season, this is an opportune time to reveal a brighter and more even skin tone with a lifted look.

Gemstones have been used in beauty rituals throughout the ages. In particular, rose quartz has been a popular choice due to its energetic properties. This graceful, pastel pink stone is said to promote calmness and release negative emotions. Cleopatra often bathed in water energized by rose quartz, as she believed in its healing properties and beauty benefits. A few minutes of “me” time is all you need to reap some stellar beauty results.

Rose Quartz Roller Benefits:

• Helps minimize puffiness through lymphatic drainage

• Helps improve skin texture and tone

• Cool to the touch, which helps to promote stress relief while minimizing the appearance of dark areas under the eyes

• Helps seal in topical oils, serums and creams with an even application

Here’s something to remember when shopping: watch out for some roller devices on the market that may be similar in colour to rose quartz, but are actually made of plastic or glass. A superb rose quartz device provides an immediate cooling sensation, much like the way a marble countertop is cool to the touch, and it will have a weighty, robust feel when you place it in your palm.

BeautyBio Rose Quartz Tools

BeautyBio has launched a GloPRO Rose Quartz Face + Body Attachmentfor its GloPRO device, as well as a Rose Quartz Dual Tool. The gemstones used are ethically harvested in Brazil, and only the rosiest, or richest parts of the crystal are used to help maximize the benefits.

How to Use:

GloPRO Rose Quartz Face + Body Attachment

  • Press the round release button on the back of GloPRO tool and slide off MicroTip head
  • Slide Rose Quartz Face + Body Roller head on GloPRO
  • To maximize benefits, apply treatment serum prior to using the rose quartz roller (the tool can be used in on or off mode)
  • Gently roll the rose quartz roller head in horizontal, vertical and diagonal directions across the face, neck, décolleté and body, and enjoy the cooling sensation
  • Remove roller from handle and cleanse after each use by washing with warm water and drying with a towel
  • When not in use, store Rose Quartz Face + Body Roller in clear plastic protective cover provided

BeautyBio Rose Quartz Dual Tool

  • Glide the roller gently over target areas
  • Use the wide end of the roller on the face and body
  • Use the narrow end on the face and around the eyes


  • Sleep with your roller next to your nightstand to reap the energetic benefits 
  • Place your roller next to your beauty products to energize them
  • Place the roller in your fridge for a greater cooling sensation
  • Don’t forget to use the roller on the neck and chest area
  • Keep your roller with you for use anytime, even while at work
  • Take 5–10 minutes of “me” time when you need it

DIY Crystal Essence Spritzer

  • Pour warm mineral water into a clean glass
  • Fully immerse your rose quartz roller
  • Expose to sunlight for 1–12 hours
  • Pour the energized water in your favourite spray bottle
  • Use as a room mist to reinvigorate your home

This rolling stone is perhaps one of the best beauty investments you can make this season. If you’ve been considering options for your skin’s fitness and your overall wellness, this device may help you achieve your beauty goals.

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