Birthstone of the Month - April - Diamond

Birthstone of the Month: April Diamond

April’s birthstone is the diamond. Those born during this month are associated with perhaps the most sought after gemstone of all – the diamond. Perhaps because they have almost indestructible properties (diamonds are about 58 times harder than anything else in nature), they gained a reputation over generations for providing greater inner strength to those who wear them.

History of diamonds

The allure of diamonds dates back to earlier than 400 B.C., as there were references to the value and wonder of diamonds in ancient Sanskrit texts. There’s also evidence of diamond cutting – which gives a raw diamond a particular shape – dating back to the 14th century in Venice.  By the time the 15th century rolled around, diamond trading had flourished in the eastern world.

Diamond folklore

Ancient civilizations believed diamonds held special powers of healing, and they were once thought to be able to cure everything from brain diseases to toxins in the blood. It was also believed by some that diamonds were lightning bolts in solid form, or even the tears of God.

Some still believe that there are other benefits to sporting diamonds, such as having greater balance and clarity – the latter that is a key feature of a diamond, as higher clarity helps boost its monetary value.

Diamonds are still highly sought after, and they’re sure to bring an inner shine to anyone who receives one – any time of year, but perhaps in April especially.

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