Peridot Jewellery For August

Birthstone of the Month: August Peridot

It’s the Month of the Peridot

August’s birthstone is peridot! This gem may not have the same kind of fame as a ruby or diamond jewellery, but that doesn’t make it any less brilliant. This peridot jewellery is a glamourous lime green gem is thought to be associated with prosperity and good luck, as the root of the name in Greek means “giving plenty.”

What is Peridot Jewellery?

Peridots are a rare breed of gem, comprised of the mineral olivine that is brought to the surface of the earth during volcanic eruptions. This is perhaps why Hawaiians once believed these gems were the teardrops of the goddess of fire and volcanoes, Pele.

This gem has also been found inside meteorites (this variety is called pallasites), giving it a more mysterious charm and a beautiful jewellery feel.

The Origins of Peridot Date Back Thousands of Years

Ancient Egyptians believed the stone protected the wearers from dangers of the night. Pirates believed they could drive away evil spirits. There are also some ties to medicinal properties – it was believed that ground peridots can cure respiratory illnesses, while a peridot placed under the tongue can help someone with a fever.

Regardless of the beliefs, one thing is for sure – it’s hard to match the unique beauty of this August birthstone. Visit’s Birthstone Boutique to shop our full assortment of peridot jewellery.

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