Birthstone of the Month - Aquamarine

Birthstone of the Month: March Aquamarine

March’s birthstone is aquamarine! This is a month associated with the arrival of spring, which often brings rain with it. So it’s fitting that the aquamarine’s namesake is based in water and the sea. However, the stone is also about the tranquility evoked by the sea. Thanks to its commonly light blue-green colour. Because of this, some people believe this stone has the ability to soothe stress and worry.

History of Aquamarine

Folklore dictates that ship sailors would carry these stones with them to protect them during sea-faring journeys and ensure their safe return home.  Other historical beliefs about this stone are that it promotes intelligence and courage. Both useful attributes at sea and elsewhere – and even reduces harm from poisons. 

The legends behind aquamarine can be traced back as early as ancient Rome. It was believed the stone has washed onto the shores after falling from the jewel boxes of sirens, and therefore was considered sacred to the Roman sea god, Neptune. In fact, the early sailors that wore this stone often carved a likeness of Neptune into it. 

Where it comes from

An aquamarine is a type of mineral in the beryl family, which is mined mainly in Brazil but can also be found in other locations around the world. 

An interesting fact

If you aren’t born in March, then you can still use the aquamarine as a symbol of your 19th wedding anniversary. Visit’s Birthstone Boutique to shop our full assortment of aquamarine jewellery.

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