Birthstone of the Month: May Emerald

If you were born during this month, you may leave others “green” with envy – because your birthstone is an emerald. As green is the colour of spring, and May is right in the middle of that season, emeralds make an ideal gem to commemorate this month.

History of Emerald

Emeralds are sometimes worn as status pieces even above diamonds, as they’re hard to miss. The history of this gemstone becoming a status symbol dates back to ancient Egypt, and Cleopatra was the first to make them famous.

Emerald Folklore

Egyptians believed Emeralds held magical powers of protection for the dead (it’s still a symbol of security to this day), while others through history believed the gems held medicinal powers to cure ailments of the stomach as well as to stop seizures. Its green colour is associated with being calm and relaxed, even more reason to wear it.

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