Birthstone of the Month: October Opal

October’s birthstone is the opal. The word opal originated from the Greek words for “change in colour.” The ability to appear in different colours is the result of microscopic silica spheres that refract light – although there is a common opal that doesn’t have this colour-changing ability.

How opals are formed

Opals are formed by silica deposits underground trapped between layers of rock, and have a relatively high water content, making them more delicate than some other gemstones.

History of opals

Unlike some of the other gems that date back to ancient times, opals are relatively new to the gem collector world. They were first discovered in Australia in the mid-1800’s and that country continues to be the biggest producer of opals.

October birthstone

Those born in October should know that wearing an opal is believed to bring the wearer good luck – but only if the wearer was born during this month.

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