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Bite Me More Picks: Tops Tools for Healthy Cooking at Home

Looking to give your cooking a healthy makeover? One of the keys to making healthy eating a consistent part of your life is making it easy. Yes, that’s right. We’ve selected the tools that’ll help you serve up all the nutrients with ease and at times, just the press of a button.

KitchenAid 14-Cup Food Processor

This heavy-duty, sturdy, and versatile machine takes all the work out of slicing and dicing, chopping and shredding. A workhorse that can do everything from chopping vegetables (in seconds!) and making salad dressings, to whipping up your own hummus, pesto, and nut butters, this food processor will allow you to forgo store-bought, fat and sugar-laden versions.

KitchenAid 12.25” Non-Stick Fry Pan with Lid

Looking for a pan that can do it all, including allow you to cook with less fat? With this pan, food never sticks, it cleans up easily, and having a skillet with a lid that fits is such an added bonus. Just be sure to use the proper utensils (read: silicone) so you don’t scrape the pan’s coating.

Outset Non-Stick Grill Grids

Move aside burgers and get fired up because your grill just got a healthy makeover with these grids. Perfect for small and large vegetables alike, these grids will keep everything from falling through the BBQ grates. Also ideal for grilling delicate foods like fish, these easy to clean, non-stick grids are essential when taking your healthy eating outdoors.

KitchenAid Mandoline Slicer

Through thick and thin (that’s how it slices), nothing makes us look as good in the kitchen as the mandoline does. With adjustable blades and settings, this dishwasher-safe mandoline makes slicing vegetables quick, easy, and impressive.

Blendtec Designer 675 with Twister Jar

We’re in love with this blender. Why? Because it does its job. It blends. Expertly, at that. With this blender, your smoothies will be smooth, your dressings emulsified, and your nut butters creamy – so versatile and powerful, this master mixer is a superb help when it comes to making sure we don’t break a sweat when trying to eat healthier.

KitchenAid 12-Piece Bake Set

Sounds kinda strange we’re recommending a bake set when talking about healthy eating? This well-appointed set has a slew of tools that will help you in your quest to conquer the kitchen. The ever-useful whisk, spatula, and bowl aside, really, what is a healthy kitchen without measuring cups and spoons? Whether you’re using them to follow recipes or portion out serving sizes (1 cup of cereal is really small, right?), measuring tools are a must-have.

Santevia Mina Slim Alkaline Pitcher

We all know that it benefits our health (and our waistlines) to drink water. We can’t think of a better way to get contaminant-free H2O than with this pitcher – it effectively rids water of chlorine and lead, while adding calcium, magnesium, potassium, and other trace minerals. Oh, and did we mention that a single filter can help in eliminating 600 single-use plastic bottles from going in landfills? Definitely quenches our thirst.

Silpate Full-Size Silicone Baking Mat

Silpat is our very own healthy kitchen magician. A perfect (and environmentally-sound) replacement for aluminum foil or parchment paper, nothing sticks (including roasted vegetables) to these reusable, super-durable, easy to clean mats.

Silicone Steamer Basket and Colander

Looking to skip frying in oil or basting in butter? Keeping the food suspended over water (not soaked in it!), this collapsible steamer basket is a no-brainer when cooking vegetables to fork-tender perfection.

The Bite Me Balance Cookbook

Chock full of tips, tricks and easy to recreate recipes, this cookbook sets you up for success in the kitchen and at the table. Steeped in intuitive eating, the Bite Me Balance serves up delicious ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and gatherings, a blend of recipes that are 75% healthy, 25% butter.

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