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Celebrate International Women’s Week at TSC!

Join us as we celebrate some of the amazing women behind some incredibly successful brands at TSC! Their stories are sure to inspire you!

Roz Kwan – Roz Kwan

“When people say you can’t do it, you try harder.”

A boss in her own right, Roz Kwan has blazed her own trail in the jewellery world. Inspired by her passion to find the most beautiful gems and freshwater pearls in the world, every accessory in Roz’s collection has an enchanting story to tell. Match that with her dedication to excellence and you’ve got a force to be reckoned with!

PRAI – Cathy Kangas

“I was determined to go for it!”

Cathy Kangas’ love of beauty is only surpassed by one thing: her love of animals. That’s why her brand PRAI Beauty is designed specifically for women over 45 with innovative and effective products that are completely cruelty-free. Her dedication to humanitarianism and inclusion is the reason PRAI is an international powerhouse today.

MarlaWynne – Marla Wynne

“My parents told me to be a team player. Stay focused and be yourself.”

Fearless and outspoken, Marla Wynne reinvented herself in the height of a successful career in television. Her reason? A lack of trendy and size-inclusive options for women over 40. Today, she offers the very options she was looking for as a fashion consumer and continues to be a true reflection of her customers.

Locks & Mane – Jennifer Parrott

“Surround yourself with amazing people who believe in you.”

A solid support system is everything—that’s why Locks & Mane founder Jennifer Parrott created a Canadian luxury brand for women in the market for natural hair extensions and care products. Offering high-quality natural clip-ins and semi-permanent hair extensions, Parrott believes it’s every woman’s right to look as beautiful as she feels.

BeautyBio – Jamie Obanion

“Surround yourself with amazing people who believe in you.”

As a model, mogul and supermom, Jamie Obanion is the definition of a #bossbabe. Birthing her children around the same time she birthed her business, BeautyBio, Jamie is a living example of just how much women are capable of. Her award-winning line is committed to developing products with honest ingredients and proven, clinical results.

Heidi Daus – Heidi Daus

“I was determined to go for it!”

A free-spirit and a gem herself, Heidi Daus is absolute pioneer in the jewellery world. Famed for her standout pieces and apparel, Heidi is not afraid to break barriers and lead her empire with the creativity and time-honoured traditions that have made it so successful since 1981. Her belief is that style is an expression of your story… and she continues to tell hers with glamourous style and sparkle.

Pink Tartan – Kimberley Newport-Mimran

“We celebrate ordinary women playing extraordinary roles.”

As the brainchild behind Pink Tartan, Kimberley Newport-Mimran is considered a Canadian fashion royal. Married to Joe Fresh CEO Joe Mimran, she exemplifies the importance of establishing your own identity and following your passion. Her slogan “Simplicity is the secret to elegance” is the underlying inspiration behind her designs and amplifies the love all women should have for themselves and their daily roles.

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