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Crazy For Crazycap!

Attention hikers, travelers and athletes alike! In need of some refreshing H2O to keep you going on your journey to excellence. Look no further for your liquid libations; Crazycap is what you need to keep you keen! The world is changing before our very eyes and where disposable drinking vessels were once seen as practical and efficient, the future is here, and plastic is out! So very out, in fact, did you know that over 200 billion plastic water bottles are thrown away globally each year? Crazy right? But these beauties don’t merely provide an alternative to non-disposable drinking bottles; they’re also about purifying water when it’s not suitable for consuming. So, let’s make a crazy difference in how we affect the environment with Crazycap, the newest innovation for our earth’s restoration!

What is Crazycap?

The latest and greatest in technology, this eco-warrior provides safe drinking water for everyone! The secret or should we say science is all in the cap. In just 60 seconds, you can enjoy freshly purified water and best of all, Crazycap costs less than $0.001 per gallon of treated water.  Not only will you save money, but you’ll keep over 20,000 plastic bottles from going to the landfill and look good doing it too. These bottles come in a multitude of colours to suit your personality and style!

Visit for the full assortment of colours available!

How it Works

Fill bottle, screw-on cap, tap the top and drink! It’s easy and self-cleaning too! Crazycap uses an advanced deep UV LED to sterilize water, at 278nm (which is nanometer the measurement of light’s wavelength) to destroy all pathogens and microorganisms that make water unsafe. Additionally, this cap will render your water free of any toxic metals, last up to a week on one charge and is rechargeable.

Other Uses

As crazy cool, as these caps are, they don’t just simply purify your water; these caps can sterilize surfaces or gadgets to prevent you from coming into contact with microbes! From baby bottles to kitchen utensils, shine a light on everything necessary to keep you and your family safe!

With Crazycap, there are no limits; get out there and explore the great outdoors and live life to the fullest while staying hydrated and safe! Get crazy for Crazycap, your new companion for your next great adventure! Get your purification system at TSC, your partner in all things eco-friendly!

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