DIY Beauty with Lisa Kisber: Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

Host confession alert! Lisa Kisber recently shared she didn’t prioritize cleaning her makeup brushes. Why? It just took too long. She’s a daily makeup user, so drying time was a big deterrent. There’s the option of the overnight wash and dry method, but this is not a practical solution daily. There’s not enough drying time for fluffier brushes with denser bristles. Brush cleaning became too much of a hassle. But, Lisa quickly discovered dirty brushes are terrible for makeup products, brushes, and your skin.

Dirty brushes can cause bacteria to contaminate your makeup, especially if you’re a makeup minimalist using the same brush for several products. Unclean makeup tools can lead to skin irritation and even breakouts. As for the brushes? Well, they need the same TLC shampoo and conditioner provides for our hair. Cleansing ensures the brush fibers stay strong and perform well.  

Spritz, wipe, and wait for 60 seconds. It’s that easy to clean your brushes with the IT Cosmetics It’s Your Brush Love Cleanser. Spray the bristles and use a tissue or towel to wipe away makeup residue and the icky stuff. Collagen, peptides, and vitamins A, C and E are just a few of the skin-loving ingredients you’ll adore. You don’t have to hesitate about safely using the brushes right away as this formula doesn’t contain face-drying ingredients like alcohol.

If you haven’t been giving your brushes the love they deserve, brush it off and start a new routine. Give ‘em a quick spritz during your weekly cleaning blitz.

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