FOREO LED Smart Mask

Beauty Sighting: Unmasking FOREO’s UFO LED Smart Mask

If you venture out in icy winter weather, or you travel often in chilly airplane cabins, you know cold environments can be taxing on your skin. The face is always exposed and can be left feeling taut, dry and irritated, thanks to low humidity. The FOREO UFO may be just what you need to get your skin looking out-of-this-world gorgeous!

Our beauty buffs have been buzzing in the office about FOREO’s UFO LED Smart Mask. As soon as we got a chance to see this tiny silicone disc with its LED lights, the name immediately clicked—it’s as clever as it looks! The Swedish brand (that birthed its name from the phrase “for every one”) has made another state-of-the-art tool accessible to all earthlings. Now your face can reveal revitalized skin in under two minutes with FOREO’s UFO device and your choice of mask treatment.

Why We Love it

It takes 20 minutes for the skin to absorb nutrients from a traditional sheet-style mask. However, FOREO’s UFO uses either cryotherapy (cooling, to lift and firm) or thermotherapy (warming, to open pores), both of which allow ingredients to penetrate the skin in only 90 seconds. Subtle and soothing T-Sonic (transdermal) pulsations help provide a soothing facial massage, which further boosts the absorption process.

The masks developed for use with the device are also exceptional! They were developed from exclusive Korean formulas. They can be used daily, and their cooling/heating properties mean you don’t have to stash your creams in the fridge anymore, or place your serums in warm water. The UFO will leave your skin prepped and primed. Perfect to maximize the results of any products you choose to apply after treatment.

LED light technology is also an exciting feature of the UFO. Light therapy has been making waves recently, as many celebrities have started to reveal that they’ve been seeking regular treatments. Treatments are typically done under a dermatologist’s care and can range in price from $250 to $1,000 per session. The UFO offers three light treatments: blue, green and red. Blue helps to promote circulation for a clearer, healthier looking complexion; green helps to brighten and even skin tone; and red targets the signs of aging to promote younger-looking skin.

How it Works

This device works with your smartphone. You won’t have to worry about configuring settings for hot or cold, as the app will transmit the settings to your UFO device. You scan the barcode on the mask, as if you were using your phone to take a picture. The device comes with a clear ring: remove the ring and place the mask on the device, making sure it’s sitting evenly on the disc, then place the ring back on to secure the mask. The app will display a start button and you will have a few seconds before your session starts. Then sit back and enjoy your 90 seconds of bliss!

The FOREO UFO LED Smart Mask is available through TSC at a great value. Plus, don’t pay all at once with interest-free Easy Pay® Payments!

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