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Four Gorgeous Lip Looks to Try on National Lipstick Day

Did you know? Winston Churchill limited the production of all beauty except lipstick during World War II. He believed lipstick had the ability to lift a woman’s spirit and improve morale. It’s no surprise that this invigorating product has been hailed as the ultimate beauty essential and now has its own day of celebration. July 29 is National Lipstick Day! So if you’ve always wanted to try new beauty trends, now’s your chance to explore expressive and artistic makeup looks. Here are some fun looks to choose from!

Flat and Matte

Since this lip style has little or no dimension or depth, the trick to nailing this look is establishing a clean outline before filling in the lip. Matte lip products typically allow for a few minutes of playtime before they set for six to eight hours of wear, so apply them swiftly and be mindful of any residue from oil-based serums or pre-treatments, as these can affect your product’s wear. Let standard summer shades like Elizabeth Grant’s Beautiful Colours Lipstain Trio Collection be your summer staples. For an on-trend look, consider sporting typical fall colours such as deep cherry reds, and plums or muted pastel nudes as you find in Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick shades. A matte lip look works well with luminous skin, defined and voluminous lashes, and a flesh-toned eye shadow.

Extreme Gleam

Lips with pearlescent textures or glittery flecks can appear more plump and voluminous. If a fully glistening lip is a bit much for you, try a smidge of any shade in ybf’s Shimmer & Shine 4-Piece Lipgloss Set or Pür Cosmetics’ Lip Topper Kit. Applied in a dime-sized area in the centre of the lip on top of your lipstick, these products can add the perfect amount of light-reflecting particles, creating a multi-dimensional effect. Maybe you already have a shiny metallic or glittery lippy you received in a makeup set, or maybe you bought a bronzy shade to pull off a Greek-goddess look for a wedding—don’t be afraid to layer an understated colour you already own on top of a new favourite. For a beautiful contrast, sport matte skin and a satiny eye look.

Diffused Ombré

Think back to childhood. Remember the way your lips looked after devouring a bowl full of juicy raspberries. This fun look hinges on vivid colour concentrated at the centre of the lips with blurred edges providing a subtle transition between two colours. You can apply two different light and dark lip shades with a lip brush to achieve this look, but The Beauty Spy offers an easy-to-use split-cylinder format to give you a soft ombré effect with just a few simple strokes. Beauty Spy Forencos Trinity Dual Lipstick is available in bold and subtle shades to suit every skin tone—and you’ll only need to press the lips together to achieve a diffused look. Dewy skin, tightly lined eyes and a pinch of blush work well to complement this lip look.

Pastel Nude

Simply put, this lip look takes inspiration from your lips’ natural colour. Hints of chalky plums and dusty pinks in semi-glossy or hyper-glossy finishes help to provide a groomed and natural look you’ll be comfortable sporting for any occasion. If you like buttery lip textures, you’ll adore ybf’s BeYOUty Balm Lip Butter Set, and if you love playing with gloss and lipstick combinations, Doll 10’s Nude Lip Wardrobe will set off your look with the perfect versatile finishes that can take you from day to night.

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