Birthstone of the Month: January Garnet

For those born in the first month of the year, a garnet is the stone that represents them best according to tradition. The stones can vary in colour, although the word “garnet” itself means dark red (red is the most common variation) and has origins in the Middle Ages. 

This stone is one of the few that actually aren’t dug from the ground – they’re found aboveground in streams and other locations. They are thought to symbolize peace, prosperity and good health, and were once believed to hold medicinal powers to protect against everything from poison to nightmares. Other schools of thought attach garnets to virtue as a symbol of light heartedness, loyalty and lasting affection. Warriors in ancient times may have worn garnets for another reason – they believed these beautiful stones improved their chances of victory. 

Whatever the reason you’re wearing it, it’s a good way to start a year, and to show off through the entire calendar. 

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