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Get Bright and Beautiful with Benefit Cosmetics

Getting picture-perfect skin can sometimes be a daunting task!

Whether you are looking for a pop of highlight, a dewy complexion, or tips and tricks on how to frame your eyes and face, Benefit Cosmetics has you covered.

The secret is knowing which products to use and how to use them, and with a little help from the professionals, you too can get that soft, flawless face!

Meet Maddox, your national trends artist from Benefit Cosmetics! Find this makeup guru’s short video clips at, where Maddox will walk you through his many tutorials, step by step, explaining the purpose of each product and how to apply it so that you can replicate the different looks in front of the comfort of your own mirror!

Your perfect skin is just a click away!

But before you watch, let’s give you the short list on some of the Benefit Cosmetics beauty essentials you’ll need to get you and your makeup kit ready!

The first step in achieving flawless skin is getting a good base.

Professional Primer

This all-in-one face primer is an absolute must. It’s for pores, lines, crow’s feet, the 11 lines between your brows, frown lines and any surface texture on your skin that needs smoothing – this balm will wipe out any of those “life” lines!

Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer

This formula is designed to disappear into your skin with no lines of demarcation for a seamless finish that will have you looking like you had a full eight-hour sleep – Banish those dark circles!

Now that you have your base essentials, let’s talk about the pieces you’ll need to brighten you up in all the right places.

What’s Up Highlighter

This little number will give you that amazing radiance sought after by many. The beauty of this stick is that it goes from cream to powder for easy application and as Maddox would say you’ll “look like a million dollars”.

Roller Eye Bright Pencil

Meant for your water line, this little baby pink pencil packs a lot of pop by brightening and whitening your eyes.

You’ll also want to look into a few products to frame your eyes, and though there are a lot to choose from, here are few to get you started.

They’re Real Mascara

Not your traditional mascara, this revolutionary wand can be used horizontally and vertically to get every lash covered – even those hard to reach inner and outer corners!

Gimme Brow + Volumizing Brow Gel

For fuller, natural-looking brows, look no further: Gimme Brow is a volumizing gel with the little fibres that will cling to your brow hair, framing your face beautifully with little effort!

Hoola Matte Bronze

A Benefit Cosmetics favourite warm your skin up with a touch of Hoola. This is a matte product with no shimmer that won’t leave your skin looking orange, so you’ll get that just walked off the beach look.

There you have it – everything you’ll need to get started with Maddox! With a swipe here and dap there, you’re sure to be the glowing envy of the town! And don’t forget to visit for all your beauty needs where you can find these products and many more from the Benefit Cosmetic line.

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