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Get Spring Fashion Ready with Jeanne Beker!

It’s been a long, cold, crazy winter.  And every year, around this time, we’re all pretty much bursting at the seams, ready to pop out of hibernation and joyfully strut our stuff. But this spring is going to be like no other: The end of what’s been a particularly dark and troubling winter is so close we can taste it, and this bright new season holds a promise so sweet, that genuine optimism is finally in the air. 

Slowly but surely, things are opening up—there are going to be places to go, people to see, and even some social gatherings to relish.  We’ve all spent an awfully long time with ourselves, gone through a gargantuan gamut of emotions and spent countless hours reflecting on the past, anticipating the future, and redefining what true luxury is really all about in this enigmatic, Modern Age. 

Because life became so confusing, comfort became ultra important to all of us, and we really got used to it. Happily for spring, it’s an attitude that’ll still reign supreme, and comfy chic pieces will be everywhere, helping us look our best so we can feel our best. Just wait until you see some of the sumptuous new looks and delectable new labels available!

It’s also a fact that colour is a great mood elevator. While I’m famous for my love of black, I’ve promised myself to indulge in lots of bold colours this spring, with a smattering of gorgeous sorbet pastels for good measure.  Whoever would have guessed that a colour dubbed “Illuminating” by the Pantone colour folks, would be making such big news for spring?  It’s a cheery yellow that represents warmth and sunny positivity.  The other big colour for the season, that they’re calling “Ultimate Grey”, is emblematic of comfort and solid dependability.  Both these shades should feed into the way we’ll be feeling this season—hopefully upbeat, but ultimately grounded. 

We’re all getting ready to put our best foot forward—and the new footwear is really sublime—come out of that deep wintry sleep we’ve been in and show the world—and especially ourselves—our true style potential. 

Here at TSC, we’re going to present you with a banquet of unique pieces to add new excitement, romance and glamour to your existing wardrobe, and a bevy of beautifully dependable classics to fill in all your wardrobe blanks and make dressing both easy and fun.  And since many of us will continue to work from home, we’ll be offering countless style suggestions to add a little zing to your Zooming and help you project your own personal power.  

I’ve had the privilege of being on a wide variety of fashion rides in my life, but I have a sneaking suspicion that Spring 2021 is going to be the most exhilarating one yet.  Time to emerge from our cocoons, ladies, and spread those glorious wings! It seems that style has never mattered so much. 

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