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Getting to know your TSC host: Carrie Olver

1. What skill would you like to learn?

A new language! I would love to speak multiple languages like Spanish, French and Italian. I’m always in awe of someone who has mastered languages.

2. What inspires you?

Passion! When someone has real passion about something its really infectious. It makes you feel like anything is possible.

3. What’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever been too?

The Swiss Alps during a full moon on a beautiful clear night. It was so surreal it felt like I was a part of picture or painting. I had never seen anything so breathtaking It was as though you could reach out and touch the moon.

4. What is your guilty pleasure food?

Jujubes! I dare not start because I cant stop. I only like the black, red and green ones.

5. What would your pet say about you?

That I want too many hugs and kisses. We have two Chihuahuas that we rescued from Mexico and a 12 year old kitty that we rescued last year. I have always been an animal lover and couldn’t imagine my life without their sweet little snuggles.

6. Favorite thing about Fall?

Fall is my favorite season by far! The chill in the air, the beautiful colours, The clear blue skies, but most of all it’s the FASHION! I love big cable knit sweaters and any excuse to bring out boots and woolly hats.

7. What’s your best beauty tip?

Exfoliate Exfoliate Exfoliate! Don’t underestimate the power of sloughing away dead skin cells several times a week. Not only will you’re skin glow but the depth of fine lines and wrinkles will be diminished as well. Results can be seen immediately as well as increasing the benefits of your overall skincare routine because now there is no dirt, debris or dead skin blocking deep absorption.

8. Who’s style do you love?

I always love watching the remake of the Thomas Crown Affair with Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo. I LOVE everything Rene’s character wears in the film. I wish I owned every single outfit.

9. Flats or heels?

I hate socks! So, I usually live in a wedge flip fop for as long as I can throughout most of the year. As soon as the fall hits I love beautiful boots with heels! Best part about heels you always feel a little taller and a little thinner.

10. What’s your favorite movie?

Forrest Gump! I love the movie so much that I went to Savanah, Georgia where the famous scene was filmed with Tom Hanks sitting on the bench waiting for a bus. My runner up in Benjamin Buttons with Brad Pitt. It’s just a beautiful story.

To learn more about Carrie, check out her host bio at TSC – Today’s Shopping Choice!


  1. Luisa Menta says:

    Good Day,
    I love watching Carrie Oliver on Hello Gorgeous segments and was wanting to know of a paticular sweater that she wore a few weeks ago. It was black off the shoulder with ruffles around the bust area. I love the sweater so much but cannot find it on your website. Can you please let me know who it’s from? I am dying to get one.

    Keep up the great work on your segment.

    Thanks and have agreed day,

  2. Marilynn Mitchell says:

    That sweater, I’m pretty sure, is by Brian Bailey. I agree .. it was stunning!

  3. Carrie looking better all the time, i missed you from weather network, always a beautiful presence. Carrie did you lose weight, you were already perfect! Did you folow specific diet.

    We love you

  4. Viera Pavuk says:

    I like to watch Carrie on TSC. I like her style in clothing!
    I would like to know how she lost all that weight? Looking great. 😎

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