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Getting to Know Your TSC Host: Wendy Crystal

Beach or pool?

Pool! Beaches are great for a walk, but I’m happy to leave the sand there and lounge at the pool!

Personal style?

I’m a Boho Chic kinda women, love easy flowing fabrics, anything that does not cling to tight, always down for bright colours or trying a new trend.

Silver or Gold?

How about both! Or a little Rose Gold love in our lives to tie in all three. Love mixing metals.

Beauty products must haves?

I could not live without my Clarisonic and Luna. These devices clean the skin to perfection. Also love IT CC+ Cream SPF 50.

Flats or heels?

How about a little bit of both? I’ve never met a heel I did not love, but flats and cute joggers have become so fashionable.

Super power?

I would love to have the ability to fly.

Favourite family vacation?

Most amazing family vacation was recently with my siblings and very close friends in Cabo for my 40th.

Favourite music?

The first concert I attended was Pink Floyd. I love Sarah McLaughlin. I love to get a good dance off out of my system!

Who would play me in a movie?

Charlize Theron. Just love her acting range, she is real women with integrity, talent, beauty and strength.

If I could have one meal for the rest of my life?

Lasagna! Yes, Garfield and I could live a very happy life together!

Hidden talent?

I can paint and decorate cakes like a pro. I love anything crafty or DIY!

Best advice I’ve ever gotten?

Stop setting expectations on others they are unaware of. Once we let go of the expectation then we can be happy in the moment.

If I could only have 5 possessions…

They would have to be my son, my husband, my 2 dogs and a good clean pair of underwear!

What I do in my spare time?

I craft, scrapbook, make jewelry, colour or plan my next DIY project.

Most beautiful I’ve been is Holland of course, Dutch! If you not Dutch your not much they say.

What inspires me?

People who push past their boundaries and surprise themselves!

Daily mantra?

Breath! Today’s a gift that’s why they call it the present!

Favourite holiday?

Halloween! I know it’s not a real holiday, but hands down it’s my favourite!

To learn more about Wendy, check out her host bio at TSC – Today’s Shopping Choice!

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  1. Love Wendy, so alive, love her wide mouth laugh, her unreal figure & beauty, an amazing lady, TSC are honoured to have her!

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