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Home Decor Trends for 2022

Your home is a reflection of your personal tastes and style. Each year, there are new home decor trends that can help liven up a tired-looking space in your home – and it doesn’t have to be an expensive renovation. A new piece of furniture, decorations or even updated colour combinations can make a huge difference to the feel of a room.

Here are some of the trends heading into the New Year that you can draw upon for inspiration when you’re redecorating. Remember, a decor update doesn’t have to be expensive! TSC has many quality items at affordable prices that can help you achieve your goals.

Step Back In Time

Although we’re moving into the future, the past will play a big role in 2022 home decor. While you still might want to create an ultra-modern space, there’s a trend towards adding vintage items to your home as well.

You can take your chances finding vintage items online or at markets, but they may be in less-than-ideal condition. You can still buy new and get the charm of the past. For example, who doesn’t love a vintage-inspired rug with a timeless look? It’s also a lot less pricey and easier to keep clean than some original Persian-style rugs.

It’s not just the inside of your house that can become retro. You can add historic charm (and added safety) to your outdoor spaces with these Sterno Home Vintage-Style Solar Path Lights that have an exposed bulb for that old-timey look along your walkways, while taking advantage of LED technology.

Black is Back

Looking to spruce up your minimalist spaces? Think black, like the Umbra Hub Decorative Round Wall Mirror for your living room, or a Vasagle Portable Side End Table that has dark accents and vintage wood finish for your bedroom.

Black accents in home decor can add more depth to a room, and will create contrast with other elements of the room to help them stand out. You can also add darker hardware that’s functional, like this Umbra Ceiling Mount Bracket that comes in black (and other colour options) to hang window coverings with ease.

Take It To The Max

In recent years, there has been a push towards minimalism – that is, only having a select few items in a room. But some experts are predicting that 2022 will be the year that maximalism will return, which entails adding more decor items to a space in an organized way.

If you’re searching for ideas to jump on the maximalist bandwagon, then look no further than throw pillows like this Eddie Bauer Elk Decorative Pillow that adds comfort and a touch of Western Canada to your living room or bedroom.

Another way to add more details to a room in a stylish way is through art, like these Natures Way Gallery Canvas Art pieces that can be placed side-by-side to add visual impact to any space. There are so many other attractive decor items to add warmth to your home, such as this Koppers Home Grandparents House Rules Wall Décor that your grandkids will surely also enjoy.

Some More Bright Ideas

Don’t be afraid to get more creative with lighting, either more modern or retro with a hand-carved Brookstone Mini LED Himalayan Salt Lamp that cycles through soothing colours while helping to purify the air in your living spaces.

If you’re looking to add an even more classic feel to your maximalist space, consider a Tiffany Style Pink Lily Table Lamp that offers a timeless look with its authentic stained glass shade.

Search for other home decor ideas from TSC to help your family – and your home – leap into the New Year!

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