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Home Fitness Equipment To Kick Off Your New Year’s Resolution

It happens every year – thousands of people across the country decide to focus on getting into better physical shape starting in the New Year. However, that often means buying a gym membership – which can be expensive, not to mention having to travel to the gym three or four times a week (often through the snow.)

So why not bring the gym to you? TSC has a wide variety of affordable home exercise equipment that’s great to create your own gym, without having to wait for anyone to finish their reps! Add some flex to your holiday shopping by picking up some cardio and strength training equipment that you can use in the comfort of your own property.

Raise The Bar With a Workout Bench

The bench is one of the most popular and important pieces of equipment in the gym. Whether you’re doing bench presses or more upright with free weights, you need a comfortable and safe bench to help avoid injury.

The ProForm Sport Flat Bench is a versatile addition to your home gym for strength training. The durable seat padding provides extra comfort as you heave the bar, and it can support up to 460 pounds (including the weights.) Or perhaps you want to consider the ProForm Sport Incline/Decline Bench that can be easily adjusted to be flat, inclined, or declined depending on the muscle group you’re working. It also has the added benefit of a padded leg lockdown to keep your lower body from shifting during your lifts.

Step Up Your Cardio Routine

Every good workout routine needs some cardio to get your blood pumping (which is good for the heart), and even to increase your lung capacity.

One way to achieve this is with the Reebok Sl8.0 Elliptical Trainer, which is designed to improve both cardio and muscle endurance. It features 24 resistance levels depending on your fitness level, as well as 12 preset workouts to help you along. Its LED console will give you useful feedback regarding your speed, time, distance traveled, and your pulse among other metrics. The console also features a fan to help you keep your cool, as well as speakers to connect to motivating music.

If you’re looking for something a bit simpler and have the right setup at home, you can choose the Proform Jump -N- Step Mini Trampoline And Step Platform. This can aid in your cardio routine as a step deck and mini trampoline. You can also attach resistance bands (included) to enhance your upper body workout with each step! It slides under a bed or into a closet for easy storage.

Harness The Power of a Complete Home Gym

If you want to get just one piece of equipment that allows for many types of strength training from bench presses to squats, consider the ProForm Carbon Strength Olympic System that has it all – including a freestanding bench that can be detached from the rack. Don’t forget to check out the Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE Home Gym that allows you to seamlessly move from one routine to the next.

Be sure to browse all of the fitness equipment to complete your home gym from TSC whether you’re looking to improve your strength, cardio as well as yoga/core training!

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