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How to Buy Shoes That Fit Perfectly

Sometimes when buying shoes online, it can be challenging to know that you’re buying the right fit. To avoid disappointment when your package arrives, measure your foot before you buy!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • a pencil
  • a sheet of paper
  • a ruler


  1. Place your paper against a wall.
  2. Stand on it with your foot against the wall.
  3. Draw a line to indicate your foot length.
  4. Measure the distance with your ruler.
  5. See our size guide to determine which size you should buy!

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  1. Wendi Galczik says:

    I know my shoe size, it has changed over the years and grown, not an uncommon occurrence.. My problem is that so many of the so called ‘healthier’ brands of shoes don’t sell wider widths…With an aging clientele, I’m sure they must know that many of us are gaining in width everywhere…shoes included. But when I try to buy certain brands (lately, Earth shoes..) they have no widths shown. And buying shoes a size larger doesn’t help. Perhaps you could pass this on to the manufacturers, because as of now, Clark’s is getting my online shoe business, but they don’t have all the styles I’m interested in. And the few shoe makers who do show a wider width, do so in one style and color…black…and I’m not interested in still another boring black shoe..Now that the brick and mortar stores are re-opening, it might be time for those who sell online to start considering those of us outside the ‘norm’ because there are more of us all the time..

  2. Gail. S says:

    I absolutely agree wide and ww width shoes are desperately needed in many styles and colors im technically a EE with or ww or www width.. medium or regular in97% of shoes hurt to wear .. id absolutely pay more for fantastic shoes in amazing colors and in wide widths even though I shouldn’t have too but I would just to be able to walk again and feel good wearing them. Well I guess being one woman with issues isn’t going to change a thing all I can do I hope reality kicks in that fast feet are the norm. Thanks 😊

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