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How to get to hamburger heaven!

While we all try to do right, we’re lucky to have our very own grilling guardian angel (aka Lisa) to help us get to Hamburger Heaven, a place where all burgers are superior.

Here are Lisa’s Top Burger Tips:

  1. For a juicy burger, go for a meat mixture of 80/20, a content of 80% lean ground chuck and 20% fat.
  2. Don’t season the beef with salt until after patties are formed and are about to put on the grill – salt will dissolve muscle and if you add it too far in advance, it’ll draw out the juices and dry out the burgers.
  3. The meat should be well-chilled, and you should only form patties with cold, wet hands to keep the fat content solid – you don’t want to melt the fat with the heat of your hands.
  4. When forming patties, work quickly and gently. Over-handling will lead to dense, dry burgers.
  5. Try for uniform-sized patties for even cooking and gently push your thumb to make a dimple in the center – this way, the patties will maintain their shape and not puff up.
  6. Once grilling, don’t press down on the burger with the spatula – you’ll squeeze the juices out.
  7. Flip as much as you like – flipping encourages faster, more even internal cooking and shortens grill time.
  8. Finally, the surest way to Hamburger Heaven? Try this Chipotle Burger with Creamy Coleslaw.

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