in conversation with Stefano Virginio

In Conversation: Stefano Virginio

Italian-based jewellery designer Stefano Virginio has been making jewellery for over three decades, creating some of the finest classically-styled gold jewellery in the industry. TSC was delighted to have the opportunity to speak with him on how he began his adventure in jewellery design, what inspires him and how the industry has evolved.

When did you first realize you wanted to pursue a career as a jewellery designer?

When I moved to L.A. I went to work for a jewellery company. I was very young and I fell in love with jewellery immediately.

Where did you learn your craft?

I learnt to design jewellery little by little, as I stepped foot into the jewellery world 30 years ago.

What drives your passion – in your business and personally?

The idea that I can take Italy with me everywhere I go. Every single piece of jewellery we craft carries our heritage and our history.

Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

The city of Arezzo, where I live, offers so many ways to find inspiration. In its buildings, in its old streets, its landscapes – everything surrounding me is an excuse to find new ideas.

What is your favourite thing about being a designer?

The fact that with gold you can create anything for every pocket and for every taste.

What is the most meaningful piece of jewellery you own?

The rosary ring in white gold that I have been wearing for many years. I never take it off.

How is working in the industry today different than when you first started out?

Definitely fast and furious today! But much easier to design new things and get immediate feedback from the customer. Discover Stefano Oro’s full assortment of classically-styled gold jewellery, available here at TSC!

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