In Conversation: Vanessa Williams

From Broadway to the big screen, Billboard and the sparkling stages of Miss America, the ever-talented Vanessa Williams has done and seen it all. When it comes fashion, she’s managed to evolve in front of our very eyes into the modern woman we all know and love, leading her to launch her very own line in 2016 called the Vanessa Williams collection.

We sat down with the celebrity designer to find out more about her line, life in the spotlight and more… (in a minute or less!)

Describe your collection in 3 words.

Elegant, unique and comfortable.

How would you describe your sense of style?

My sense of style starts with comfort and consistency. I know my body. But I’m kind of all over the place, because I have so many different jobs. I have to be in front of the camera so I need to make a statement, but then I’m a mom of four and I’ve got two Great Danes, so I’ve got a lot of multi-purpose garments in my wardrobe because we all live amazing, multi-faceted lives.

How is that reflected in your collection?

I do keep in mind my schedule, but also working women. So I’ve designed something that you could wear to the office, a jacket that you could throw on on the way to have cocktails after the office, something you could wear on the plane, and then something you can be noticed in.

What is your secret to looking so youthful at every age? (Besides great genes!)

There’s a lot of hoping and praying. Working out, you’ve gotta stay active for sure. I like wine, I like desserts and I like to live life! I’d rather go to kickboxing and sweat it all off.

I’m also very curious about what the next anti-aging treatment is. Whenever I’m given the opportunity I’ll say ‘What did you do? Where did you go? How much did it cost? Did you think it was effective?’ and that’s just women sharing.

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