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In Conversation with Jeanne Beker and Marla Wynne

“Every woman that you meet has a story to tell,” according to Marla Wynne.

And we couldn’t agree more!

Our very own Jeanne Baker sat down with Marla to talk style, fashion, and accessories!

JB: How has your idea of what style is and what it can do for the spirit, changed since you started making clothes?

I started making clothes because I couldn’t find anything for my changing body and lifestyle quite frankly, my closest relationship right now is with gravity, I felt like what was out there said I give up!

And honey I will give up when I’m on an ice cold on a slab!

So, what changed was me, and I started to design things for myself and my contemporaries because I had a hunch that maybe other people had some of the same issues.

JB: When you have two different collections, is it like having two kids?

It’s exactly like having two kids; I love them both I try and treat them equally but, on some days, I like one better than the other.

JB: Your accessories have really come a long way, and it looks like you keep building!

When I was working in Canada with my Canadian manufacture, I said I think we should do like a belt necklace and our mutual friend said to me Marla you’re a clothing designer.

I said, look I’ll make you a deal if no one stops me between now and the restaurant and says where did you get that necklace I’ll shut up for 6 to 12 months.

If someone does stop, we have to make this and your buying lunch – we made jewelry, and I had lobster.

My customer is everything, I don’t try to be for everyone, I’m not, but I really want to serve her!

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