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Intimately You! Advice from Dr. Jess: Sex Toys

How do I introduce sex toys? How do I start the conversation with my partner? What kind of toy should I start with? When shopping for a toy, should I shop alone or shop with my partner?

These are common question that Dr. Jess is asked! Many men and women use sex toys and research suggests that people who use them actually report a higher level of sexual satisfaction.

So if you’re thinking about adding some toys into your routine, Dr. Jess has some great suggestions on how you can get started!

How to start the conversation?

  1. Have an open conversation with your partner about your interests and desires. You can’t expect them to read your mind, so make some time when you’re both relaxed to talk.
  2. Be positive and honest. You don’t want to come across that your sex life is boring. You want to reassure your partner that you’re interested in adding to your routine to enhance the experience for both of you.
  3. Connect the toy to something that your partner is already doing. As an example, if your partner knows how to touch your hot spots, suggest that vibration from a toy can be used to touching these spots.

What toys do you recommend for newbies?

Some men can feel intimated by toys, especially if they feel the toy is replacing them. Dr. Jess recommends starting with a toy that is less threating—something small that that doesn’t look like a penis is a good introductory toy. The We-Vibe Touch X Lay-On Vibrator and Massager is a versatile multi-purpose vibrators that can be used in a variety of ways on you and your partner.

Touch X is one of the world’s most versatile multi-purpose purpose vibrators. It is perfectly sculpted to sensually stimulate your erogenous zones – solo or with a partner – delivering whatever you need, wherever you need it. From blissful clitoral stimulation to deep, rumbly head to toe massages, Touch X will pamper your whole body. Soothe your soul with this magic multitasker.

Choose a toy that you can use together. There are lots of toys that are designed to be used during intercourse, Like the We-Vibe Chorus Couples Vibrator, that stimulates both you and your partner during intercourse.

The most intuitive couples vibrator by We-Vibe ever – with an adjustable fit, touch-responsive controls and hands-free vibrations that take sex to a whole new level.

Should I shop alone or with my partner?

If you’ve had a conversation with your partner and you’re both excited to experiment, it can be a lot of fun shopping to browse the Intimately You assortment on

If you’re shopping alone, you can surprise your partner with a newly purchased toy as a surprise. Maybe even leave it on the night table to initiation an intimate evening.

That will depend on your partner’s attitude toward sex toys, which you can likely gauge through casual conversation and experience. If you already own a toy or two, leaving a surprise gift on the bedside is a great way to initiate an evening of intimacy.

Ask Dr. Jess! Wondering what product to buy? How to use it? Looking for relationship advice in the bedroom? Whatever your question, Dr. Jess is sure to have an answer! She excited to answer your questions, so don’t be shy!  You can submit your question discreetly on or by leaving a comment in the blog!

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