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Intimately You! Episode 12: G-Spots & P-Spots

Considered a myth by some, the “G-Spot” is the “Holy Grail” of female sexual pleasure. But for men, it’s the “P-Spot”?! Join Dr. Jess and Sex & Pleasure Educator Luna Matatas, as they dive into “Hot Spots” and uncover areas of sheer sexual satisfaction!

“What is a quiet toy that my wife will like, but won’t wake the kids?” ~ Rishi

Womanizer Premium

The Womanizer Premium is the ideal combination of new technology and high-quality design. Pleasure Air? Technology works by gently and indirectly, stimulating the clitoris with 12 different intensity levels ranging from super soft to powerful.

Hot Spots:

  • G-Spot
  • P-Spot
  • B-Spot (Bulb of the Inner Penis Ring Behind the Testicles on the Perineum)
  • C-Spot (The Head of the Clitoris)
  • F-Spots (The Frenulum of the Penis + the Fourchette)
  • A-Spot (The Deepest Point on the Upper Vaginal Wall beyond the G-Spot)
  • U-Spot (The Area Around the urethral Opening)

Luna Matatas agrees that there is a discernable difference between types of orgasms.

“I think some people can tell. Clitoral orgasm for some people feel like a burst outwards and a tensing of the areas, while a G-Spot orgasm feel like an energy moving down and a deeper grounded feeling. The reality is that their is no hierarchy of orgasms. Whatever feels good for you is where you want to end up.”

“How do I have a G-Spot orgasm? And what about squirting. Can everyone do it and is it pee?” ~ Saira

“Squirting is not pee!” says Luna. “It’s actually an enzyme fluid that passes through the urethra. G-Spot orgasms don’t always result in squirting. If you’re just starting to get curious about your G-Spot, I highly recommend a G-Spot toy because it takes the guessing out of the equation.”.

Lovehoney Desire Luxury Rechargeable G-Spot Vibrator

Let waves of pleasure ripple through your intima
te canal with the Desire G-spot Vibrator. A heavenly curved creation crafted from soft silicone that offers sensuality and blissful sensations from its 8 vibration patterns and 12 levels of intensity.

Vive Nilo Triple Action Pinpoint Rotating G-Spot Rabbit

The Nilo silicone G-spot rabbit boasts a 10 function, 360-degree rotating and vibrating G-spot
pinpoint tip. The Nilo’s 10 function dedicated clitoral vibrator, will leave you satisfied and sated with the 3 motors giving you over 1,000 possible unique settings to play with.

Vive Shiatsu Double Action Bendable Massager Wand

Vive is a new phenomenon in the world of luxury adult pleasure products. The Shiatsu has a fabulous design, making it a very desirable toy and its shape will bring you new sensations of pleasure. The 2 motors that are placed in the head and bottom of the toy have 10 different vibration patterns. E
ach motor can be turned on individually or simultaneously for the ultimate experience.

Sono Rechargeable P-Spot Stimulator No. 79

If it’s deep P-spot stimulation you need, this ergonomically designed slightly rounded pleasure probe is the toy for you. This smooth silicone massager has been designed to fit perfectly against the P-spot for sensational prostate play.

South AHA/PHA Ingrown Serum

This liquid exfoliant powerhouse helps to soften and straighten hairs below the surface, and helps to reduce those pesky ingrown hairs. 
“I’ve had a simple prostatectomy to address BPH and it has addressed many of my symptoms. Can I still use a prostate toy? I’m 6 months post surgery?” ~ Errol

Dr. Evan Goldstein, Anal Surgeon / Founder, Bespoke Surgical says that you can use toys. The key is to determine if it’s going to be pleasurable and Dr. Evan says that they only way to know is to try.

“There are so many nerve endings in the prostate that really add to sexual pleasure. Start small, lots of lube and take your time,” Dr. Evan says.

“How do I get my husband to become open to butt play if, after all, his G-Spot is in his bum?” ~ Anjali

“So many people have ideas around shame or they’re worried about what may happen if they explore this pleasure area. There is no such thing as surprise anal. You have to communicate. Talk to him about why this might be pleasurable, does he have any fears, does he think you’re going to see him differently. I also recommend getting him to masturbate with a good prostate toy. For him to know his body will help him be more comfortable with partner pleasure.”

“If you stay curious, the pleasure possibilities are infinite,” say Luna. “

Luna’s top tips for prostate play:

  1. Curl in and up towards the belly button
  2. Keep the pressure firm
  3. Explore taps, pulses and circles
  4. Try a prostate toy

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