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Intimately You! Episode 3: Anorgasmia

Have you ever suffered with “Anorgasmia”? Is the big “O” elusive? You’re not alone! Episode 3 of Intimately You with Dr. Jess and her guests explore ways to foil frustration and find sexual satisfaction!

“It’s surprisingly common” says Nazanin Moali, Sex Therapist when asked how common it is for people to have trouble reaching an orgasm. “Research studies show that it’s somewhere between 10 to 42 per cent of men and women are struggling with experiencing an orgasm. Factors like age, culture and environment can play a role.”

“I’m 37 years old and have never had an orgasm, but I also have never masturbated. How do I know where to begin? And how do you know that you’ve even had an orgam?” ~ Nadine.

“The first recommendation that I have is to start exploring your body and setting yourself up for success is really important. Make sure you have privacy and plenty of time. The goal is to pay attention to sensation,” says Nazanin, adding that introducing a toy a logical next step. “You can explore pressing the toy against your cheek with different settings and then explore using it on different parts of your body. If you’re using it with your partner, talk to them about how it feels.”

“Sex hurts. Always! I use lube and I’m turned on, but any penetration feels like burning and makes it impossible.” ~ Angie

Dr. Staci Tanouye is a Gynecologist and admits that she hears this question a lot. When experiencing pain during sex, Dr. Staci recommends going to see your doctor or a sexual health professional.

“There are so many different potential things that we can find—skin, infection, muscle conditions—and they each have different treatments, so it’s really important to get a correct diagnosis so you can get treated and have more fun,” explains Dr. Staci.

“I’m newly and happily divorced and I just turned 50. I have found a new confidence in myself … but not much in my body. How do I get comfortable getting naked with a new partner?” ~ Bobbi

“In your 50s, you know what you want, you know how to ask for it, and you know how not to compromise,” says Kimberley Wells, Product Expert – Arcwave/Romp. “I feel like it’s a computer! We have to rebot the computer, clear the cache and positively affirm to yourself everyday that you’re beautiful, I’m strong, I’m sexy! The minute you start having that internal discussion, your partner will also feel that confidence and then the skies the limit!”

“I can orgasm by myself, but not with my partner. How can I learn to let go when we’re together?” ~ Talia

“It’s a matter of teaching your partner what works for you,” explains Nazanin. “People are shy about talking to their partners about the touch that they need. Perhaps you can explore your body in front of your partner and teach him what kind of touch you like or you can grab their hand and show them!”

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