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Intimately You! Episode 7: Celebrating Pride

Happy Pride! We celebrate 365 days a year, but the month of June calls for something a little extra! Join Dr. Jess and her guest Sexuality Professional Shanae Adams, as they discuss why LGBTQAI+ celebrations are so important and answer questions that many may be afraid to ask!

“Pride starts as a protests. It is focused on equality and justice and also liberation,” explains Dr. Jess. “So yes, it’s about love, but it’s about so much more.

“Pride is first and foremost a riot,” explains Shanae Adams MD, NCC, LPCC. “There was a local bar in New York, The Stonewall and the riots took place because the Stonewall was a place where people could go to live their lives , express their sexuality, play in their gender house however they wanted. The police were constantly raiding that bar, so the people got fed up and took to the streets. This small group of people grew and grew and this riot lasted three days. It was a fight for liberation, dignity and human rights.”

“The terms used in the LGBTQAI+ are highly personal and not agreed upon universally,” says Dr. Jess.

Languages Matters – LGBQAI+:

L: Lesbian – usually a woman who is interested in sexual relations with another woman

G: Gay – usually a man who is interested in sexual relations with another man

B: Bisexual – a person interested in two different gender orientation or sexualities

T: Transgender – individuals whose biological sex is different than the gender with which they identify

Q: Queer/Questioning – is an umbrellas term that really encompasses everyone and anyone

A: Asexual – stands for people who may not be interested in the act of sex or a romantic relationships

I: Intersex – people who are born with biological features that don’t nessessary align with either gender

+: This include everyone and anything as people are getting new language and discovering themselves

Two Spirited: This is an indigenous term that refers to a person that has masculine and feminine energy within their body. In most cultures this is highly revered people who often times want to pull their community together. Sometimes these are the healers or history keepers of their communities.

Bisexual & Pansexual: Bi meaning two sexualities and a person interested in two different sexualities. Pansexuality describes a person who is interested in everyone and anyone, regardless of their sexuality.

Genderqueer: Speaks to how you’re performing your gender – the clothes you’re wearing, how you style your hair, how you present yourself, etc.

Gender Fluid: The fluidity of gender – denoting or relating to a person who does not identify themselves as having a fixed gender.

Agender: is a person who doesn’t adhere to the binary – they may not feel like they are a man or woman.

Gender Non-Conforming: So this can be someone who identifies as one biological gender, but not the societal constructs of that gender.

Cisgender & Transgender: Cisgender is the sex of a person that they were assigned at birth and that they identify as. Transgender is the sex of a person that they were assigned with at birth but they identify as a different sex.


“I want to be clear that it’s our pronouns. It’s not your preferred pronouns, it just our pronouns. It’s important to use them because you don’t always want to use someone’s name and how you refer to them can be reflective of their gender,” says Shanae. “Pronouns are really important and they help to silidify our identities. They also help us feel seen and cared for in our communities.”

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How can you be a supportive ally?
  1. Express love and support in a way that they recognize
  2. Do your own (un) learning
  3. Respect their privacy
  4. Be inclusive
  5. Offer support

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