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Intimately You! Season 2, Episode 1: Sex Post-Menopause

Welcome to Season 2 of Intimately You with Dr. Jessica O’Reilly! Everyone deserves to enjoy sex and pleasure! But if you’re post-menopausal, things may have changed for you. Join Dr. Jess and her guest Dr. Jessica Shepherd, as they reveal how you can continue to experience sexual desire and fulfillment at any age!

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“I want everyone to know that this transition isn’t something that you should be scared of,” says Dr. Jessica Sheperd, OB/GYN. “For so long, people and society dictated that it was like falling off a cliff, but really it’s something that is a transition into a greater part of your life. So why not embrace it! Menopause should not be a shameful word at all.”

“When we think about Menopause and the transition, we should think of it as something that you’re dialing down. It’s never a switch where you turn it on and off,” explains Dr. Jessica.

“Perimenopause is something that happens in your 40’s, and you’re most likely going to see your hormones do a little shift and that’s where you’re going to notice some symptoms —hot sweats, night flashes, irritability, mental fog. When you hit menopause, that’s what we technically call when you don’t have a cycle for 12 months consecutively. That’s when we can really say you’ve hit that menopausal phase. After that you become postmenopausal,” says Dr. Jessica.

“The hormones that start to decrease during menopause are estrogen, but also testosterone,” Dr. Jessica says, adding that those decreasing hormones in a sexual functional way is going to cause your decrease in your ability to climaxing, but also your libido. “That desire and strong arousal to want to interact with someone or even yourself in a sexual way.”

“Since I hit mesopause, I can’t orgasm. Any advice?” ~ Selena, 55

“The clitoris has a lot of nerve endings are they’re going to be heightened by some of the estrogen so you’re going to have a decrease in sensation in those nerve endings. So that’s why people have a different aspect of how they get to climaxing and the ability to get there,” says Dr. Jessica. “The change in the labia has to do with the collagen and elastin that are in our skin. It starts to sag and the area isn’t as plump as it was before, similar to what you see in your face.”

A product recommended by Dr. Jessica is Silk’n Tightra to help heighten symptoms caused by menopause.

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“My wife and I tried a bullet vibrator, but she found it too intense even on the gentlest setting. Any suggestions on some really gentle pulsing vibrators?” ~ Jim

For Jim and his wife, Dr. Jess recommends the Womanizer Premium because of its unique and very gentle push and pull sensation called pleasure air.

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Hot Tip! If your doctor doesn’t ask about your sex life, bring it up yourself! Quality of life is important for your health. If you have questions or concerns, you have the right to say, “I’d like to talk about sex!”

“As a physician, I feel like our job and responsibility is to make sure that we’re giving people the tools in order to live daily activities, quality of life will improve once you leave our office. So if we don’t give them ways to enhance their lifestyle, then that really stops short when they go out the door. And that’s really what we should be extending past our visit with them, including sexual wellness,” admits Dr. Jessica.

“What can a 60-year-old woman do to reduce the pain associated with sex?” ~ Jane

“Great question. That’s going to open the door for so many other women that have this particular question. Pain with intercourse can come with many different ideologies or reasons. It can be because of a decrease in estrogen, which decreases the lubrication of the vagina. But it can also come with skin changes,” says Dr. Jessica, adding that it could be related to the skin being fragile or inelastic. “First and foremost, it’s important to go seek care from a health care professional that can give you the reasons why and then we can go from there.”

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“We need to change what we’re doing!” says Dr. Jess. “If penetration doesn’t feel good, its not the end all be all. There are so many other ways to enjoy pleasure and connection with your body and partner.”

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