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Intimately You! Season 2, Episode 2: Pelvic Floor Function

Are you experiencing incontinence or pain during sex? Pelvic floor dysfunction can affect intimate experiences and sexual well-being! Join Dr. Jess as she welcomes Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist Michiko Carginal, to examine how a happy pelvic floor can bring more pleasure and better sex!

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Pelvic floor disorders are common and can lead to sexual dysfunction as well as issues with phycological and sexual wellbeing.

“Pelvic floor therapy is more than just Kegels. It’s a specialization in the field of physiotherapy,” explains Michiko Carginal, Pelvic Health Physiotherapist. Using their hands to assess the deep pelvic floor muscles, externally or internally to evaluate the pelvic floor. This determines if you have a pelvic floor dysfunction and how it interacts with the back of the hips.

Michiko describes the pelvis as a basket of muscles that slings from the pubic bone to the tailbone. “It supports all your organs, stabilizes your pelvis, promotes circulation. It has four layers and is quite complex,” she says.

Pelvic floor health is so important to our sexual wellbeing because the superficial layer of the pelvic floor is involved in sexual functions. “It will pump muscles and increase the circulation, but it also erects the clitoris and penis.”

“Pelvic floor physiotherapy is such a private and intimate type of therapy,” says Michiko. Building a positive rapport, providing a safe environment and educating her clients is essential to make them feel comfortable during therapy sessions. “They really need to understand what is happening to their body.”

“Since kids, I pee when I laugh. What can I do about it?” ~ Krista
“After my second pregnancy, I leak when I work out, run, etc. Any treatments available?” ~ Athena
“I lose a few drops of urine when I stand up quickly and when I sneeze. What can I do to hold it in?” ~ Stephanie

“This concern is not just for people who have had children,” explains Michiko. “You either have really tight and toned muscles or really lose muscles that need some strengthening.” An internal examination to assess the current state of the muscles will help a pelvic floor therapist determine a care program to suit your individual needs.

Hot Tips!
  • Don’t “JIC” pee! Just-in-case” peeing can lead to bladder issues, which can affect pelvic floor function and sexual response.
  • Wait until you have to pee instead of going “just-in-case”.

“Pelvic pain and/or pelvic dysfunction often have a lack of circulation in the genital region. Finding a toy that relaxes you, but also causes excitement may benefit you,” says Michiko.

“What can we do at home to keep our pelvic floors happy, all in the name of more pleasure and better sex? When we’re working at the computer? When we’re going to the bathroom? When we’re lying in bed or exercising?”

“The first common myth is that you should do your Kegels all the time, which is totally wrong,” admits Michiko. “If your pelvic floor is tight and contracted, doing Kegels is actually more damaging. If you don’t have access to a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist, I have three tips that can be preformed at home!”

Strengthen Hip Stabilizers – bridges, squats, balance exercises

Stretches – lower back, hip flexor, inner thigh

Rock your pelvis back and forth while breathing deeply – this improves the circulation

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