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Intimately You! Season 2, Episode 3: Back Door Pleasure

There are many roads to sexual gratification, and many have found pleasure at their “back door”! If you’re ready for the journey, but never explored this route Dr. Jess and her guest, Sex and Pleasure Educator Luna Matatas have a roadmap to pleasure!

“Like every sexual experience, anal play requires education,” says Dr. Jess.

“A lot of us don’t learn about anal pleasure anatomy,” explains Luna. “The anus has built in erogenous zones that some of us enjoy getting stimulated. The outside of the anus (pucker) has tones of nerve endings. The internal sphincter can enjoy the feeling of fullness.”

“Prostate pleasure can feel like an intensified orgasms, it can feel like a certain type of pleasure, it can also feel like deep sensation,” says Luna.

“There are so many myths about anal play. The biggest one is that it has to be painful. We don’t actually have to deal with pain when it comes to anal. There is also a myth that if you have anal sex, you’ll have anal prolapse. That’s also not true,” says Luna, adding that lube is incredibly important!

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Luna’s most important tip for beginners is to train your anus.

“We want to understand the pace of pleasure that is best for our bodies,” says. “By using things like sex toys and fingers, get to know your own butt!”

“My partner and I have tried anal before, but can’t get it in and I know he really wants to try again. Can some people maybe not do it? Should we bother to keep trying?” ~ Jo

“There is often this pressure to do the thing to the max once we try it. There are so many ways to enjoy what is happening, so you might want to try by taking it super slow,” Luna says, adding for first time attempts, the person on the receiving end should be controlling the position and depth.

Another awkward topic about backdoor play is poop!

“Like in life, poop happens! There are ways we can prepare for this,” says Luna.

Tips to Prepare for Anal Play:

  • Put down a towel
  • Have conversations about any concerns
  • Do some light cleaning out in advance
Golden Rule for Anal Play: If You Want to Touch Someone Else’s Butt…Try it Yourself First!

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“How can you make (butt) orgasms more powerful and pleasurable?” ~ Ryan

“Number 1 is that we want to seduce the butt, which starts externally,” says Luna. “The second tip is to train the anus with butt plugs. We want to make sure we’re taking things really slowly for size and speed. My final tip is to tease other erogenous zones on the body. We want to raise arousal and increase relaxation for the whole body.”

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