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Intimately You! Season 2, Episode 4: Bigger Better “O’s”

Get ready to experience bigger, betters “O”s! Dr. Jess and her guest, Sex and Pleasure Educator Luna Matatas, reveal hot tips and techniques to take your pleasure and your partner’s pleasure off the charts!

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“When we talk about having bigger and better orgasms, there are many factors that come into play,” says Dr. Jess.

“How do I know if I’ve had an orgasm? Sex always feels good, but how do I know if I’m really climaxing? What is an orgasm?” ~ Rebecca

“It feels different for different people and depending on the type of orgasm you’re having, it can involve different parts of your body,” says Luna.

Types of orgasms:

  • Clitoral
    • Lots of people describe a clitoral orgasm like a burst of energy outwards. They’re usually created by direct stimulation to the external part of the clitoris.
  • G-Spot
    • For many people G-Spot orgasms feel like energy moving downwards that is created by internal stimulation.
  • Prostate
    • P-Spot orgasms can feel like energy moving downward and start deeper in the body.
  • Blended
    • A blended orgasm usually involves stimulation to multiple erogenous zones.
  • Nipple
    • Nipple stimulation is part of a pleasure that lots of people enjoy, but nipple orgasms are less common. Nipple stimulations stimulates the same part of our brain as other orgasms.
  • Skin
    • There is so much opportunity for skin orgasms. It’s all about increasing the blood flow, relaxing, and inviting orgasms.
  • Full Body
    • These orgasms are usually created by stimulating the whole body.
  • Fantasy
    • Simply using your mind, you can have a hands-free orgasm. Sometimes these can happen during your sleep.

“Let go of the goal of trying to have an orgasm,” says Luna as a tip for people trying to have an orgasm. “Enjoy the pleasure, intimacy and playfulness and it will happen.”

“What exercises can I do to make more pleasurable/accessible?” ~ Angelica

“Think of an orgasm like a roller coaster. We’re going higher and higher on this ride until we reach the peak and then we go down, and that is where the magic happens. With your pelvic floor, the stronger your muscles are, the higher you can go! So being able to strength those muscles can help increase the blood flow allowing you to get higher on that peak!” says Dr. Kamaria Washington, PT, DPT,

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“What are your best tips for intensifying orgasms?”

“Experiment with edging, which refers to peaks and plateaus,” says Dr. Jess. “Try it by yourself or with a toy and what you’re going to do is rile yourself up on a scale of 1 to 10. Bring yourself to a 5, and then down. Bring yourself to a 6, and then down. A 7, then down. An 8, then down. And then eventually, let yourself go over the edge. Edging can be a really hot way to intensify an orgasm.”

Dr. Jess’ second tip is a 10-minute full-body exploration.

“Set aside some time to touch the entire body from head to toe. Touch everywhere except your hot spots before you get to an orgasm. You’re probably going to find that pleasure spreads throughout the body.”

Luna’s tips of intensifying orgasms to create more layers of pleasure. So going from mild to a little bit higher, instead of going from mild to wild immediately.

“Another tips is to play more, perform less! Do whatever feels good! Get out of your head and into your body!” says Luna. Use toys, have fun, dress up— whatever it takes for you to be more imaginative in the bedroom!

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