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Intimately You! Season 2 Episode 6: Ask an OB/GYN

Sexual Health is the focus as Dr. Jess ASK’S AN OB/GYN! You’ll gets answers to your medical questions pertaining to sex and sexual function. And who better to ask than the amazing Dr. Jessica Shepherd, OB/GYN Extraordinaire!

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“How can an inverted cervix affect orgasm? My wife (whose cervis is inverted) can only orgasm when she’s on top. What can she do to orgasm in other positions?” ~ Marci

Dr. Jessica Shepherd explains that an inverted cervix does not mean you won’t have the nerves that stimulate having an orgasm. She recommends trying new positions, as well as using products to enhance your orgasm.

“I have a bladder lift and can’t orgasm ever since. My boyfriend is not happy about it and I need a solution. What can you suggests?”

“A bladder lift is a surgical procedure where there is some work done to the bladder floor. And it seems as there has been a decrease in the ability to orgasm,” says Jessica, who recommends finding a health care provider to help determine the issue to help you resolve it.

“I have pain about one inch inside the vagina, on the top. I have had this pain since I first started using tampons…well that is when I noticed it. So, penetration is EXTREMELY difficult for toys or a penis. What can be done for this?” ~ Fiona

“This is a question that people with have an issue with and then never go to their doctor,” says Jessica. “With the tissue of the vagina, there are areas that can become eroded with tampon use. So it requires an exam to specify where that area is so we can look at it to identify a treatment.”

“Is it normal for the clitoris to get smaller with age? I have found that to be rue in my case.” ~ Rania

“Yes, there are small changes with the size of the clitoris, just like we see with our skin. This doesn’t mean it’s going to change your ability to have a fruitful sexual life,” explains Jessica.

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