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Intimately You! Season 2 Episode 8: Technoference

Technoference (the interference of technology in relationships) is becoming the norm. Dr. Jess is joined by psychotherapist and social worker Roxanne Frances, to learn how this effects intimate connections, and teach you ways to put down your device and re-lay the groundwork for pleasure!

Research shows the mere presence of a phone detracts from concentration, attention, connection and from being present. So how do you mininmize the negative affect of technology.

Roxanne Frances describes technoference as the interference that happens when technology is present.

“We really have to be mindful in this day and age of technology that it doesn’t create a wedge between people. It’s not necessarily an addiction, but it is a compulsion,” says Roxanne, especially when it come to social media and the validation of other people interacting with your posts. When your partner is on their phone, after you’ve put your own phone down, you have to be mindful of accusing them, because you were also on technology. “We have to be mindful,” says Roxanne. “It creates distance, rather than bringing people together. Create some ground rules for both of you, rather than just your partner.”

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Blue light can interfere with melatonin, the sleep-supporter hormone, which can adversely affect relationships. When we don’t get a good night’s sleep, we’re more likely to engage in conflict with our partner, we’re less adept at resolving these conflicts and less inclined to sex! So leave the phone and tablets out of the bedroom!

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How to Minimize Technoference:

  • Put your phone in a drawer or box at dinner
  • Set a time limit on apps
  • Set a calendar reminder
  • Buy an alarm clock
  • Ban devices from the bedroom

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