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Intimately You! Season 3 Episode 2: Erotizing Your Daily Routine

Have day to day doldrums dissolved fun and flirtation with your partner? Sexologist Dr. Jess dives into how you can embrace playfulness and eroticism every day, to keep that spark alive! Canadian singer songwriter Chantal Kreviazuk also drops in, to unveil her revealing new documentary, “I’m Going to Break Your Heart!”

“If you want passion and excitement in the bedroom, you have to start at the breakfast table, in the living room or in front of the TV to weave eroticisms throughout the day,” says Dr. Jess.

Luna Matatas, Sex & Pleasure Educator believes that playfullness is highly underrated as a sexy vibe.

“I think it helps us takes the focus off of performance, gets us into our body, infuses are erotic imagination and gives us more opportunity for connection,” says Luna. “When we are feeling all those things, self judgement goes down and confidence goes up!”

A lot of people end up in a rut, so how to you bust out of it? One of the strategies is to tease outside of the bedroom! Like turning one of the mundane tasks you have to do into a flirty moment. Luna also recommends experimenting with power exchange and sensory play.

“This helps to change the mood without adding too much pressure on technique or performance,” explains Luna. “The other thing is to just say let’s get silly or let’s play!”

Dr. Jess’ tips to weave eroticisim thorughout the day include:

  • Look your partner up and down
  • Play Pranks
  • Reminisce

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“I’m 66 years old and I’ve been having an issue reaching orgasm with my partner. I have no problems when I use a vibrator. I always feel like it takes too long for him to pleasure me and I can get stressed out!” ~ Gayle

Luna tells Gayle that she is NOT alone and she encourages her to communicate with her partner. And since Gayle already likes toys, Luna encourages her to make it a threesome with herself, her partner and her vibrator!

Hot Tip! Shared laughter is associated with closer, more supportive and happier relationships. So make a point of joking around, sharing funny videos and finding humour in every day, no matter how mundane.

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