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Intimately You! Season 3 Episode 3: Successful Dating in 2022

Dating is constantly evolving. It can be scary venturing into the world of dating but it doesn’t have to be. Sexologist Dr. Jess welcomes dating expert Matchmaker Maria, to help you navigate the dating scene in 2022.

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How we date differs depending on our age! According to Maria, if you’re under 30, online dating has always existed and what they often don’t understand is that there are other methods of dating. For people over 30, Maria says that they might be confused about “swiping” when it comes to online dating.

“I think what people get wrong is how other people are dating,” says Maria, adding that you have to do what’s right for you.

Maria’s top two tips when starting to date are:

  • Adopt an abundance mindset
  • Masturbate before a date!

“Start with friends! Open up your calendar and start blocking 2 days a week for the next three months with social events,” says Maria. “Start doing things that make you grow a bigger network of friends.”

For someone venturing into online dating for the first time, Maria has a few tips!

Your first profile photo:

  • Look directly at the camera
  • Should be in colour
  • No sunglasses or hats
  • SMILE!

Your second profile photo:

  • A full body shot

All profile photos should look like you right now! 4 out of 5 photos should have been taken in the last year or at least within the last 18 months.

“The photos need to look like you today because when people meet you, reality should align with the expectation,” Maria says. In terms of safety, Maria encourages first dates to take place in public, with other people around. “One of the best tips I have is when meeting outside, consider the environment, but also your seating position. It’s really difficult to create sexual tension when you’re sitting across from someone. When you go on a date, I want you to sit side-by-side or perpendicular. This way your face can move around and you’re not looking someone straight in the eyes.”

Maria calculates compatibly with 5 pillars: emotional, financial, intellectual, spiritual and physical.

“If one of these pillars falls or is effected by something, and we are experiencing obstacles or challenges, sometimes it’s helpful to get outside help,” says Maria.

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Hot “Q”

“I met a guy who lives 5 hours away and neither of us can move yet. How do we make it work?” ~ Joey

To make long distance work:

  • Make plans in person & stick with them
  • Commit to leisure
  • Choose an expiration date!
“How do I tell if he’s playing games? I met a guy who just went through a divorce and says he’s ready to have a relationship, but admits he’s still torn about the last one. How do I know if he’s ready?” ~ Tori

“We all come with previous trauma and baggage, so as long as we’re working on our emotional resilience, that relationship could work,” says Maria, adding that men often tell women within the first three dates if they’re ready or not ready for a commitment. So as a woman, you need to decide if you want to stay in that relationship.

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