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Intimately You! Season 3 Episode 5: Self-Love Pleasure & Confidence

We all deserve to love ourselves – emotionally and physically! But it’s something many struggle with. Dr. Jess explores how you can achieve lower stress, better health & happier relationships with a little self-love! And she welcomes drag star Gia Metric to share their personal self-love journey!

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According to Luna Matatas, self-love is a practice that involves being kinder to ourselves, understanding what our boundaries and desires are. It also means making time for pleasure and joy.

“It’s such an important thing to practice and develop because it helps us enjoy things more in and out of the bedroom,” says Luna. “If we feel deserving and worthy of pleasure, we’re able to receive things like compliments, good partners and opportunities. Self-love is also about making space for joy! There is so much focus on being productive and self-love allows us to create a relationship with ourselves.”

“The society that we live in tells us that there is this narrow sliver of what is considered attractive and most of us don’t fit into that,” explains Luna. “So it’s really hard to get external validation from desire, attractiveness it’s always telling us that we are not enough and we need to do more! So for me, self-love was unhitching my little wagon for the need for validation,” she says adding that her whole worth is not about her appearance.

Self-love also connects us to how we feel and if you’re just getting started with sex toys, Luna wants to make sure you feel “in to it” at every stage of the experience.

“What about if one partner gains weight in Menopause and they’re not feeling attractive at all or their partner gains weight and they’re not attracted to their partner?” ~ Lisa

When our bodies change, it can really affect how we feel about ourselves and society has taught us that weight can have a negative impact of how attractive we feel. Luna suggests taking a step back and looking at what attracts you to your partner that isn’t associated to weight or even appearance.

Self-Love Tip! Spend more time naked! Undo the shame associated with nudity by allowing yourself to enjoy your body in its natural form.

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“I see self-love as a practice,” say Gia Metric, who describes non-binary as existing in the middle and not conforming to either male or female. “I feel like I create my own gender in the center. For the longest time I always beat myself up for being to feminine or not being masculine enough. On this journey of self-love, I love myself as one entity instead of two separate ones.”

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