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Jeanne Beker’s Top 10 Gifts for the Holidays

The holidays are all about getting down to the essentials—love, friends, family and the luxury of taking time to consider those special people who fill our hearts with joy. When it comes to how I want to feel during the holidays, I want to be cozy and feel glam—even thought these two styles may not always jive together.

Gifts that speak to the inherent “cozy glam” in us are always wildly welcome, so I use that “cozy glam” imagery when I try to imagine what I (or a loved one) would appreciate most for the holidays. 

I had so much fun perusing the amazing range of gift possibilities available at and I found so many ideas of both what I would want, and what I would want to give.

Watch the video above for my top ten gift picks with holiday love from me to you—and wishing you all a “cozy glam” season ahead!

To shop Jeanne Beker’s top 10 gifts, click here.

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