KORRES Hydra-Biome™ launch party in New York City

On September 5, on the heels of a busy Labour Day weekend, KORRES aptly timed its latest launch. Known as the seed-to-skin beauty brand, KORRES invited gurus, wellness coaches, magazine editors, certified yogis (and a few lucky customers) to a private location in New York City. The meet-and-treat session was hosted by the brand’s co-founder, Lena Korres, in the spirit of parea, the Greek term for a gathering of friends to catch up on life, values and new happenings.

Attendees were able to walk through the brand’s farm-to-kitchen-to-lab experience to see a game-changing product with a key ingredient we’ve had a good gut feeling about for some time. Can you guess what it is? No?

It’s Greek yogurt!

If you’ve been looking for a new treatment to revive and pamper your skin, the Korres Hydra-Biome™ Probiotic Superdose Treatment from KORRES may just be the beauty balancer you’ve been looking for. This innovative product targets dullness, redness, irritation and dryness, as well as rough, tight and overall exhausted skin by helping to create a natural skin shield.

Like the gut, the skin has natural bacteria that flourish as a living defence layer. This shield helps to protect the skin from pollution, UVA/UVB rays, smog and dust, but it can also be easily disturbed. Your body’s natural pH balance (known as the measure of the skin’s ideal acidity) can be easily affected by the chlorine from a plunge in the pool, too much time spent in the sun, and other real-life, everyday factors like our diets. The Korres Hydra-Biome™ Probiotic Superdose Treatment helps to replenish your skin while also providing a cooling sensation that instantly helps to the soothe and reinvigorate the face.

You can super-dose super-quick! Apply a super-thick creamy layer to the face and let the product rest for approximately 10 minutes to maximize the benefits. You can also apply a thin layer as an overnight sleeping facial to wake up looking more plumped and well-rested.

We super-dose our salads and smoothies, so why not super-dose our skin? Shop our KORRES face and body assortment and indulge yourself with a dollop of Mediterranean wellness!

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  1. Janet T Winterz says:

    Looking forward to trying it.

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