Let’s Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day!

Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral, Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Li, Saint Paddy’s day is coming, now it’s time to shine! Ah yes! The wind is shifting, the sun is out, and the sweet, sweet smell of spring is in the air! There are many things to look forward to in March, but a particular day that sticks out is— Saint Patrick’s Day! Not only a tradition to celebrate Ireland’s patron saint, who brought Christianity to Ireland, but a time to come together and share memories, sing and beer cheer.

A national holiday for the beautiful Emerald Isle, we asked our very own TSC team member Mairéad Dunlop what it was like growing up in Ireland, celebrating this auspicious day. Beaming, she said, “It is truly a celebration of the freedom to be Irish and everything that represent the culture.” Watching her describe her love for her home country warms my heart as she explains the history of Ireland and Saint Patrick’s Day traditions: church (to pay tribute to St. Patrick of course), wheaten or soda bread, potato scones, and blood pudding.  Mairéad pauses to reflect and describes memories of everyone dressed in green, of people wearing shamrock badges, Ireland’s national flower, and music echoing in the streets as everyone celebrates the day.

So, let’s celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day in style and is it ever time to shine, with these beautiful Irish inspired pieces from your very own jewellery boutique—TSC.

The Triskele

Thought to represent continuous movement the triskele, is one of the oldest symbols in Irish culture, it’s meaning comes from the Greek word “three legged” and embodies the Celtic’s belief in the triad. To wear this piece of Irish symbolism, check out Alex and Ani’s Triskelion Adjustable Bracelet.

The Claddagh Ring aka The Irish Friendship Ring

Representing Love, loyalty and friendship, this ring is very well known whether your Irish or not. This beauty can often be seen as a fashion piece, but it is so much more than that! It is named after a village, made for a long lost lover and a symbol of unity. There are many ways to wear your Claddagh ring and if you choose to represent Ireland this year, be sure you do it in style with this Grace Kelly— Princess of Monaco version.  

The Tree of Life

Rooted in druid mysticism, the tree of life is depicted as branches growing upwards toward the sky and downwards into the ground, connecting heaven and earth together. A beautiful way to look at life and death as we are all connected, through “the circle of life.”  Fun fact—the Celts believe that trees were our ancestors and had external world connections. Find your tree of life with Clogau Gold!

The Shamrock

Oh, the shamrock! Nothing more Irish than this young spring, it is said that Saint Patrick used it to help teach the Celts about the Holy Trinity and Catholicism. Many songs, poems and stories revolve around this beautiful cultural symbol and there is no other clearer way to show your Irish pride. Heidi Daus created her very own shamrock pin for you to wear, so go on and sparkle on this Saint Paddy’s day!

The Triquetra of The Trinity Knot

Made with a continuous line, you’ll find many Irish symbols use the same style to represent “eternal and spiritual life, one with no beginning and no end.”  A common theme in many Irish symbols, the pattern expresses a link to one and other and an ever-lasting bond of kinship. Alex and Ani endless knot bracelet

So let’s celebrate togetherness in fashion and Sláinte—good health— from your friends here at TSC!

“As they say everybody is Irish on Saint Patrick’s Day, you’re a part of me and I’m a part of you!” – Mairéad Dunlop

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