Lights, Camera, Selfie: Smashbox is Back!

Like a good friend you haven’t seen in awhile, Smashbox is back. If you’re a longtime TSC-er, you may recall ordering a Smashbox item or two in 2009. Today, we’re excited to bring you over 60 products that’ll make you want to glam up to take that polished 2020 family photo you’ve been trying to capture.

For our gorgeous pals not familiar with Smashbox, have your old and broken makeup items exit stage left! You’re going to need some room in your makeup bag for this brand’s award-winning products birthed in a Los Angeles, California photo studio.

Smashbox is dearly loved by makeup professionals and was founded in 1995 by Dean and Davis Factor, great-grandsons of Hollywood makeup legend Max Factor. The brothers are also legendary in their own right, known for shooting iconic magazine covers, celebrity portraits and ad campaigns.

The shoots that occur at Smashbox’s studio in L.A. are creative, collaborative and can be intense. The Factor brothers realized they needed products that work hard through hot lights, long days and wardrobe changes. Plus, pro cameras are so hyper-critical they require unique makeup flawlessly performing every time. Thus, the brand created a cosmetic line that holds up to life’s little challenges. Whether it’s that bead of sweat from stress on that zoom call or a picnic in the park under the harsh sun, Smashbox products leave you looking and feeling camera-ready, while being versatile enough to “edit” and tweak throughout the day.

TSC Staff is loving:

The Cali Contour Palette

The must-have Cali Contour Palette is also known as the brand’s Swiss army knife of makeup. It’s everything you need for complexion and eye-enhancing beauty. It’s in a compact size that’s easy to pop in a makeup bag – available in light/medium and medium/dark.

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Brow Tech To Go

Oh yeah, we’re pros at teasing hair, and we have the 80’s photos to prove it. We love using the Brow Tech To Go product by brushing with the Smashbox “back-combing” technique to add volume to the brow.

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Always on Liquid Lips

This tiny but might liquid lip product is like a quick power shot of confidence – especially if it’s Always on Liquid Lips in the shade Bawse, created in collaboration with Lilly Singh, the famous YouTuber you may know by the moniker, Superwoman.

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Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what several Smashbox fans have to say about the brand’s A-lister products:

The Original Photo Finish Smooth Blur Primer – “leaves your skin ready for an up-close photo; no texture visible.”

Studio Skin 24-Hour Wear Hydra Foundation – “medium coverage that’s a natural-looking, great everyday foundation.”

Super Fan Mascara – “a win for oily eyelids.”

Cover Shot Eye Palette – “highly-pigmented and easy to blend.”

Check out our full Smashbox assortment today, and don’t forget to leave us your reviews. Your feedback helps our buying team bring you more of what you love!

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