Luca and Danni Jewellery—Embracing the Journey

Life isn’t about the destination; it’s about the journey and with Luca and Danni Jewellery, this sentiment is the motto in which they live by to create their pieces.  Hand made and heartfelt, this family-run company is proud to say that all its jewellery is handcrafted in Rhode Island, USA. The Magnanimi’s have been creating jewellery since 1954 and have no plans on stopping. With family tradition in tow, Danny Magnanimi continued to develop jewellery that would send a message of hope and inspiration to all. Unfortunately, Danny would pass from a long battle with cancer, but his legacy would live on through his brother Fred who stepped in to fulfill Danny’s work. Working as an investment banker, Fred left it all behind and is now the founder of Luca and Danni, embracing each day of this new journey.

The beauty of these bracelets is in their simple yet unique design. Lightweight and easy to stack, these beauties can be worn every day as a reminder to stay positive, live on and stay strong. With many collections to choose from, let’s go down the list of them all, so you can choose the one that’s just right for you.

The Stella Collection

The Stella charm is the most iconic and classic design of the brand; it includes the cardinal— a fan favourite and many other pieces, like the infinity —the Luca and Danni Jewellery flagship symbol. This collection is named after Fred’s daughter and many can look forward to new designs from this beautiful collection.

Dylan Collection

Get into high fashion and high shine with these stunning bracelets from the Dylan collection. Made with emerald-cut Swarovski crystals, you’re sure to exude luxury as you slip one of these beauties on to your wrist. This collection is ever-evolving as you can now ad patterns, images and quotes onto your crystal!

Inspirational Collection

In times of uncertainty, we turn to inspirational phrases and mantras to get us through. With that in mind, Luca and Danni created a collection of bangles that are designed to inspire hope, faith and love in their consumers’ lives with this inspirational collection!

Medley Collection

Colourful, joyful and adorable! This collection brings you all the classic symbols like the anchor, the starfish and the elephant. These bracelets are made with small crystals and charms and can fit any of your desires no matter what the season or holiday is.

Personalization— Collection Made by You!

Personalization is the most exciting aspect of Luca and Danni; this collection allows you to be the designer. Where creativity has no limits, you decide what you’d like to wear. Share your personal story with jewellery as unique as you.

Join the Luca and Danni family today and tell your story with a piece of jewellery that truly inspires you to live each day to it’s fullest. Celebrate milestones, memories and legacies that will forever live on in your hearts. Get your bracelet today at TSC, your place to sparkle.

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  1. Nice Collection and Amazing Designs.

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