National Hair Day: 7 Mane Trends

It’s National Hair Day! We are hair to celebrate your crowning strands of glory by bringing you seven trendy hair looks spotted backstage at some of the biggest fashion houses. We’ve been faithfully watching all of the Fashion Week action—in Toronto, New York, London, Milan and Paris—gathering details on all the runway styles that are bound to turn heads.

Fall layers such as scarves and turtlenecks mask our necklines, the area people often notice when interacting with us. So, this is the opportune time to talk about how to make a bold statement with hair. We wanted to rank these heavenly hairdos, but to do so would be a matter of splitting hairs. Whether you’re looking for an elegant coif or a practical ponytail, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of our favourite fall 2019 styles:

PONY UP – The High Ponytail

Slick ponytails are back with a ’90s flair, sitting high above the temples and boasting a lot of shine. Successfully sporting the fall fashion version of this look requires nailing three key steps:

  1. Ensure the hair is pulled taut and is evenly secured in your ponytail (no loose strands or bulk on the top, sides or at the nape).
  2. Brush baby hairs along the hairline toward your hair tie and don’t forget to also brush the strands at the nape of the neck.
  3. After securing your ponytail wrap a 1″ to 3″ section around your hair tie, then fasten the section with a bobby pin. Or you can use an embellished hair tie with crystal or metal elements to polish this look.

Tip: consider using a toothbrush (perhaps a spare one you got from the dentist) and your favourite hair-finishing spray to effectively groom baby hairs.

PLAIT-ITUDES – Braids with an Edgy Attitude

Almost every kind of braid graced the season’s boldest shows. Pig tails, corn rows and mermaid styles were especially prominent in the spotlight. Keep in mind, styling and finishing products are still essential to help prep the hair for one of these long-lasting styles. To get the runway look, add a little personality by ensuring some sections are chunkier than others. This is best achieved by gently pinching and pulling on a few sections after you’ve completed your plait. Releasing a few face-framing flyaways will also help to ensure you’re tressed to impress!

Tip: if you need to secure a few sections in an up-do plait, try concealing bobby pins by inserting them in the opposite direction of the braid.

FRONT AND CENTRE – Symmetrical Middle Parts

This middle part won’t take you back to your school days. The fall 2019 version allows you to flaunt yourself as a graduate who knows that style matters. Keep in mind this manner of dividing the hair tends to draw attention to the features of the face, so this works well on faces with more precise symmetry. You can run your finger along the hairline to create a natural-looking part. Or, you can create a fearless look by using a rat-tail comb to create a sharp line.

With the scalp exposed for this look, overall hair health is really important. If necessary, you can use a product like Beekman 1802’s Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse to help gently remove residue and build-up from the scalp and to maintain overall scalp health.

Tip: find the centre-point between your eyebrows and use that as a guideline for where to start your part. 

DUAL TEXTURES – Two Textures in One Style

Straight roots and bouncy coils. Tight spirals, cascading into brushed out curls. Texture-play on the runway mimicked the gritty and rough fabrics juxtaposed with the soft and plush found in the season’s clothing. You can use beauty tools to help you to achieve a dual-textured look. Or if you have naturally straight hair that can hold a curl pattern, you can try an easy routine. Partially braid your hair in a few sections from the ear down. In the morning, you can release the braids. Then, separate the strands into relaxed waves using your fingers. 

Tip: if you’re using hot tools to create your look, remember to protect your hair from heat-styling damage with a heat-protection product like Ahuhu by M. Asam Heat Protection Spray.

THICK AND TOUSLED – Voluminous Hair with Wispy Strands

Imagine beachy hair tousled by a crisp afternoon wind. This look relies on the scrunching technique and a few choice volumizing products suitable for your hair type. You can create this look with a curling device or air-dried curls. Flip your hair upside down and squeeze the ends of your hair in your palm. Flip your hair again and position a few choice pieces to help provide definition around your face. Finally, use your favourite hair-finishing spray to keep the look in place.

Tip: this look may be easier to achieve two to three days after a wash day.

CROWNING JEWELS – Accessories Galore

It’s time to ask Mom to borrow those heirloom crystal barrettes, pearl clips and fancy bobby pins. For an understated look, you can clip or pin one statement piece in your hair. To really hit the trend on the nose you may want to wear two or more pieces. If you’re using bobby pins, use three or more so it’s clear your pins aren’t misplaced and your look is intentional.

If you’re up for a DIY project, you can purchase rhinestone letters and glue your favourite words on some glittery or metallic pins/clips in your favourite colour. Statement words and hair gems were a big buzz backstage, and they make for awesome everyday conversation-starters.

Tip: consider repurposing a fantastic brooch you may already own. Styles with a sturdy joint and catch mechanism may be suitable to be worn just above the temple or just behind the ear. For extra security, you can also secure a repurposed jewellery piece with bobby pins.

REBEL RINGLETS – Curls with Minimal Definition

The fluffier, the better. This look is big! Curls look brushed out but groomed, and that’s thanks to superb hydration. On the runways this look allowed for a lot of movement, so rest assured it will command attention as you walk down the street. To successfully achieve this style, your hair will need to be prepped with hydrating products that will help to keep the shape from root to tip.

Tip: if your curls are dry, damaged or brittle, give them some pep with a suitable nourishing mask.

New season, new tresses! Which one’s your mane squeeze? Shop our hair care favourites and give your hair a little TLC from TSC!

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