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New at TSC: Heather Thomson with Beyond Fresh and emerginC

Heather Thomson’s health and wellness journey began with a focus on helping her child and then it turned into something more. It opened a world to her that she needed to study and then to share as an educated voice, a mother and as a woman. After finishing a continued education in nutrition, she spent several years conducting wellness lectures, hosting health-retreats, giving interviews, writing articles, blogging and posting but realized it wasn’t enough. Women want real answers and insights into aging, and they want to feel better. Using formulations that utilize natures efficacious gifts that support our nutrition and our skincare – from specific needs and challenges, to ever changing balances, she’s been actively engaged in building nutritious and efficacious superfood supplements and skincare that set out to do something powerful naturally. Without the use of chemicals, artificial ingredients or fillers – just the science of nature as our hero.

Heather believes in the outdoors, in natural health, wellness and beauty products and that active engagement in these environments, can bring transformative experiences, tools, inspiration and the like to support everyone on a quest to contribute their absolute best to themselves and to the world.

Beyond Fresh

Beyond Fresh is a premium line of whole food powder supplements – delivered fresh from the farm to you! Each of these high-quality blends is virtually identical to the original fruits, vegetables, grasses and superfoods in color, aroma, taste and nutrients. These pure powders provide sustainable nutrition, along with no artificial colors and flavors.

Beyond Fresh offers easy-to-mix USDA Organic fruits, vegetables, greens and reds that are harvested at the peak of ripeness. This ultra-fresh whole food produce is then flash-dried using advanced technologies to capture its complete nutrition. The powders retain the enzymes, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals that remain fresh in your cabinet for up to three years without added preservatives.

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emerginC began in 1996 with one of the most stable and effective vitamin C serums available. With a limited budget, no formal marketing plan, and no office—just a Manhattan studio apartment—the team built a brand on buzz and grew the business by word of mouth. Today the brand offers a variety of amazing products, facials, and body treatments for all skin types. Never compromising on a commitment to quality and effectiveness, it continues to evolve.

All emerginC products are paraben-free and free of synthetic colours and fragrances, so you can have peace of mind. The brand also tries to source naturally and responsibly wherever possible. Be it cutting-edge peptides and plant stem cells; potent botanicals, antioxidants and natural fruit acids; or one of the most active, stable vitamin C serums out there, emerginC offers solutions for all your skin-care needs.

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